The Muse Speaks…


You never ever know when those spontaneous moments of creativeness are going to hit, you know, when the Musehippie chick on cloth peace flag is feeling particularly talkative. That’s why I usually try to carry with me the following:

a clip board with paper and Sharpies in two sizes

my iPad for making notes (I like paper notes but I tend to make grocery lists on them or toss them out as trash…can’t do that with an iPad lol)

a knitting or crochet project


a quit I’m adding embroidery to


a small weaving loom…one of those three in addition to the others

Yesterday at the Restore I found an old Singer sewing machine with the drawers packed full of sewing machine needles, threads, zippers, pins and who knows what else and it was only 10.00! I really wanted it but I don’t sew except for on my Peace Flags and art journal quilts so I didn’t get it but I haven’t stopped thinking about it! Ten bucks! Man! I haven’t written a poem in a while and yesterday the inspiration hit and I did and I really dig it. Which led me into an evening of contemplating my zine writing after I practiced Atmananda Yoga….a yoga practice that I love love love!!! I’m progressing on the firefly pose!! Still haven’t mastered the head stand but I will. I have not worked on a zine in a while now and I know why…now, I know why…my zines are taking a turn friends. I’m pretty excited about it and before the excitement fades and something new takes it’s place like a bead loom I’m going to work on it for at least fifteen minutes today as well as put together a new hippie peace flag garland, work on a mini quilt and email my editor…the one in China. Not really my editor. I’ve been invited to contribute some art to a new book coming out and I won’t get paid for it but it’s exposure man, and for an artist that’s a good thing! I don’t have any errands to run (that I know of), no laundry to do, no food shopping, no orders to fill, so today should be an art filled day starting as soon as I see what the dogs are in to in the living room and fetch for myself more coffee lol. Y’all have a great day! Come on back tomorrow ok? Much Peace Love Art, ~ Zines! ~


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