What Would Your Life Look Like In A Slideshow…what would your music be?


You know what’s interesting…looking back through your You Tube history. You can find what was interesting to you at any given time. I love that! It’s like looking through a photo album. Remember photo albums? Big bound books of memories. Black and whites, polaroids with captions written on the bottom. Color shots of poses made while on family vacations to the mountains or the beach…stopping at some historical land marks so the parents could fill they were contributing to your education lol. If life could be set to music and your photos and You Tube history and even past Facebook statuses playing like a slideshow…what would yours show? What would your music be? Bet you can guess a lot of mine! Art, furry friends, coffee, spontaneous hippie road trips going who cares where just going…windows down, music up, singing out loud….young and free and fearless! There would be yoga and hiking. There would be homemade bread and living room carpet picnics eating with chop sticks. There would be breakfast for dinner and meditation under my favorite tree. There would be sleepless nights and endless summer days. There would be gardening and growing sunflowers. There would be home cooking and afternoon naps. Board games and badminton and croquet. There would be quilting tutorials that I played on You Tube but rarely paid attention to lol. There would be inks and crayons and dyes and papers and fibers and paint stained everything! There would be barefeet and pancake Sunday mornings. There would be Love…much Love and finding Peace even in chaos. There would be a constant streaming of music not on an iPod though…on vinyl fused with memories and hopes and dreams yet to come true. Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, George Harrison, John Lennon, and Janis Joplin would sing on my soundtrack with too many others to name but I’m sure the divine Miss Etta James would be in there somewhere as well. A little something to roll over in your mind on a Monday morning…your life’s soundtrack in memories and music and pictures….life’s up to us…we can make it up as we go! I hope y’all try to stop by again tomorrow! Much peace Love art ~ life’s soundtrack ~100_5567


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