Peace Love Art Ashtanga and Life…is tasty


I’m not sure but today’s blog may just be in installments lol. So, here’s the first installment….this morning from my art studio where the windows are open, the songbirds in concert, and a gentle rain falling…I feel just like I’m in a Beatrix Potter story! Or a Tasha Tudor wonderland!! I love love love it! I love love love this day!! Ok, without further ado and before I digress even more…here we go with the first installment…and maybe the only installment we’ll see how the day flows…’cause that’s how we roll in hippie bohemian simple country life…ooh! geese just flew by! This day is getting better and better!….

Ashtanga Yoga…feels so great!

Laundry in the dryer already (it’s not even 9am yet)

Yeast bread on second rise101_6900

Pintos that were soaked overnight are now simmering on the stove top

Yoga kitty Piper did her yoga on her yoga mat and now..

Bijou is striking quite the yoga asana!

Bijou is a practicing yoga  asana and meditation all at once...she is so enlightened! Lol
Bijou is a practicing yoga asana and meditation all at once…she is so enlightened! Lol


I’ve been cutting paper and

Getting ready to pull prints andDSCN1978

Soon I’m gonna cut Mandalas out!! (Wish me luck!)

I’m making something new for a freebie and I’m not sure what’s it is going to be yet but it’s developing bit by bit 🙂

Back to it beautiful people who may be reading this…I hope you have a wonderfully artsy day! Try to stop by again!! Who knows what will be happening! Peace Love Art ~ Life is Good ~


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