Mixed Media Madness, Headstands, and Life…is so good


It’s late afternoon on what’s been a pretty awesome day. The rains are coming, they’ll be here soon. I smell rain. I love love love that smell. The windows are open and the skies are growing cloudy. It’s pretty perfect actually. Van Morrison has been singing for a while as I showered after practicing yoga. My headstand went a little array today. Lol, I went completely over! I flipped! It was funny. I just got up and did it again though. I also did the tiniest of firefly asanas too! They’re tough! Yoga totally keeps you young. I love love love it. I’ve been submerged in mixed media for the past two days! My creative mojo is in full effect! I’ve been mixing glue, wax, oil pastels, watercolor, acrylics, crayons, fibers, inks, alcohol and pulling prints on top of it all! I’m so having the most fun and my clothes and hair and hands reflect it! Oh my gosh! Who cares?! Not me! I can’t wait to get back to it! I even painted something I knitted! Knitted! I scored big time at today’s yard sales too! I passed up a sewing box with stuff in it but I bought two hippie bracelets for .50. There weren’t many yard sales today because of all the rain we’ve been having but we found another one and SCORE! There was a bag packed full of buttons! BUTTONS! And sewing stuff like needles in all sizes and snaps and hooks with eyes and so many vintage books from 1973! Pattern books! Oh my gosh!! I did the happy hippie dance! I had too! Do you know how much buttons are? Good grief! I got a baggie packed full of herb too! Not what you’re thinking…it’s lavender! For only a quarter and it smells so fresh and summery and happy. I’m going to sent small art journal quilts with it. Ok, so I have an order to get ready to go out on Monday and the muse is calling me back to the drawing table before dinner. So, y’all take care and try to stop by again tomorrow! Who knows what I’ll be up to by then! Lol. Much Peace Love Art ~ Mixed Media ~

yard sale treasure :D
yard sale treasure 😀

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