Peace Love Art and Creative Mojo


I can still do splits! I didn’t realize this until practicing Atmananda yoga last night. I was so happy! I mean wow man! Yoga keeps you young! I will practice always! I did Ashtanga this morning and I may practice with Steve Ross this evening or Bikram. I don’t have a 100 degree room but I can still practice the asanas.

hippie peace flags in progress
hippie peace flags in progress

My creative mojo is back in full force after a slight hiatus. I just couldn’t find the time for my art. Running errands, cleaning the pool, working the garden, household stuffs and just life man, there was always something and when there wasn’t something I looked for something. I guess it was the chi being off…the feng shui… The crazy thing is while practicing yoga I would have so many inspirations…I wanted to bean loom and weave fiber art. I wanted to make peace flags and art journal quilts. I wanted to make dioramas and revisit some old art techniques I used a long time ago to see where I could take them now. So many ideas! But when faced with the opportunity I would waiver and flounder and accomplish nothing. I didn’t let it get to me though. I just went with the flow knowing that when the time was right it would be right. And now whatever it was is done! I worked with fibers yesterday. I began two sets of hippie peace flags yesterday and finished a coloring book too! And I sold two coloring books in my etsy shop as well! And the editor turns out to be on the up and up and is interested in several pieces of my art for a new book they have coming out! So I just may be published again!! Yay!! Today I have to go food shopping but yesterday I also got my house cleaning out of the way except for the bedroom which I’ll have to vacuum and dust and stuff but the bathroom is clean, the laundry is done, the kitchen scrubbed. I just work better when I’m not thinking of what I have to do in the back of my mind. I like my home clean. Not obsessively or anything but I don’t want laundry piled up or the sinks dirty and stuff like that. I even cleaned up my drawing table last night after I was done so I could start fresh which I’m about to do on some more pulled prints and peace flags. I’d like to get a base color down so the can be drying and ready for the prints later. So, dear friends I think I’m going to the kitchen for more coffee and then start painting. I have to get Wayne up in a little while too. So, I’m off. Y’all have a great day, make a wonderful memory and try to stop by again tomorrow. I think I’ll make spaghetti and meatballs for lunch with salads and garlic bread. Ok, peace love art ~ creative mojo ~


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