Peace Love Yoga and Music


It’s another cold dark morning. Through the bay window I just saw a car climbing the big hill and it’s headlights made the rain look mysterious and magical and inspiring. Inspiring because I’m inside with my heater going and fresh coffee and feeling good from just practicing Ashtanga yoga. I’m listening to music…songs I haven’t heard in a while. I found them on You Tube. Big big big fan of You Tube. I used to paint these huge pieces. I mean huge like 6 feet tall by 6 feet wide. Diptych pieces that I hinged together. Now I paint diptychs on cloth and sometimes in bead loom work but certainly not that big anymore. I used to dance around while painting! Lol. Then I would load these huge pieces in the Geo Tracker along with my kids and take them hundreds of miles to the gallery that showed my art. It was at the beach so it was worth it. Wow, that seems like a million years ago.

Today I want to pull prints on cloth that I’m gonna dye. I’ve already cut the cloth so I’m ready to go! I want to draw the cover to my Wishing You Coloring Book too and that’ll be done.

I was contacted by an editor at Dopress Books I hope this turns into something good. They found me on etsy. Send positive vibes okay? I’ve been manifesting a publisher!!

I can’t stand being away from my art another minute. I just looked beside me and saw a knitted pouch that is waiting for embellishing with dye or design or both and those flags are calling me pretty much like coffee does. So, while the muse is prodding and the family is still sleeping I’m gonna go make some art apparently to Bananarama since they just came on my You Tube…I know, Nov. 12not my usual music but I’m open….for now…although George Harrison and Dylan and my girl Janis Joplin are beckoning…so who knows how long I’ll be able to hold out lol. Ok, that’s long enough! Was about to put on George then I saw Dark Side of the Moon and that won out and will do until everyone is up and I can spin some vinyl since it feels like a music on the turntable kind of morning. Y’all take care and try to meet me back here tomorrow ok? Much Peace Love Art ~ Music ~


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