maybes and possibilities and potentials


Sunny days….looking out the window to see the wind stirring the tree leafs and budding flowers. The garden with it’s green plants and promise of delicious meals that will come from it. I like the sun and the shade. I love the shadows that follow me throughout the day. I love walking into my bedroom in the late evening and feeling the warmth and looking around at the little kitschy things I have collected because they reminded me of a time or a place or a feeling that I want to hold onto. I love the colors of Spring, the golden sunshine, the array of of pinks and oranges and purples of the pansies and gerber daisies and carnations. I love carnations! I love hydrangeas! They look like cotton candy on a stick! I can’t wait to see the butterflies and dragonflies and fireflies light up the sky as the sun sets on another peaceful artsy day. A day that will leave me with a little dirt on my feet and paint stained hands remnants from working in the garden and making art. A day that was filled with a hike and yoga and tasty food like maybe a juicy tomato fresh from the sun just off the vine and still warm sliced thin and laid out on a bed of Duke’s Lite Mayo on homemade bread lightly toasted in the cast iron skillet….some salt, some pepper perhaps some hot peppers and lettuce and a baked sweet potato! Oh my gosh! Sounds like lunch to me. A chilled slice of cantaloup to round it off! I’ll be a happy happy happy hippie! Just give me my easel, some oil pastels, some inks, a box of crayons, a sharpie some cloth to make a peace flag or art quilt and it will so be the perfect day. My furry kitty friends sleeping in the window sills, the dogs playing in their oasis where the fruit trees grow…pears, plums, peaches….hopefully apples soon! Maybe I’ll bead or make Indian inspired jewelry like I used to make with my Aunt Marilyn on too hot to be outside summer afternoons. Maybe I’ll weave or knit in the shade of my favorite tree. Maybe I’ll make bread and watch it rise in the warm sunny sill of the kitchen window. Maybe I’ll write to Jess my pen pal in California. Maybe I’lll make a zine about the day or art journal or coloring book page themed around the day….maybe we’ll spin some vinyl and eat breakfast on the deck we built with salvaged wood by the recycled pool we saved and now is sparkling clean since we drained it and we all cleaned it…all day long this past Saturday…a job I’m so glad is now out of the way! Maybe we’ll stay home all day long, barefoot in the yard, a game of badminton or frisbee or croquet or toss the horseshoes. Maybe we’ll see the horse and carriage come by or the peacocks put on a show with their tail feathers. Maybe the moaning doves won’t sound so melancholy but I don’t think they can help it. Maybe we’ll sleep late or get up early or take a nap in the middle of the day in a hammock or on the porch swing…gently swaying as the afternoon slips quietly into evening unnoticed until the solar lights come on signaling the end of another country day and we’ll say goodnight to the sunflowers reaching for the sky and tell the bullfrogs to sing on into the night as the crickets keep the beat going. Lamp light on the window, incense burning, calming whir of the fan…a handmade wooden bowl filled with fresh produce picked that day from the garden sitting on the kitchen island. Art supplies scattered out on my drawing table and work in progress, albums to be put back in their sleeves for safe keeping, the coffee pot loaded for the last time and the timer set for 5am to begin again making the tasty nectar and the day is done and tomorrow will come offering a whole new set of maybes and possibilities and potentials. I love this time of year, don’t you?

I hope y’all have a great great great day and I hope y’all will try to stop by again tomorrow! Much Peace Love Art ~ maybes and possibilities and potentialsDSCN1801


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