Listening For The Muse….


Today I have already showered, practiced Ashtanga yoga, cooked Wayne’s breakfast and saw him off to work, made the bed, fed the animals, did his breakfast dishes, cleaned the bathroom, carried out the garbage, rolled the can in, moved the car so the dude could change the bulb in the security light on the pole, rearranged my art studio…AGAIN! (now I totally love it and the Chi is fine!). I cleaned up the mess I made when I spilt the cat’s food and water completely out moving the furniture. I dusted, tidied up the living room, vacuumed, made breakfast for the rest of us, put the car back in place, did our dishes, showed Rainy how to Chaturanga Dandasana. Let’s see….what else? Organized my sewing space, opened the windows to let the rainy day air flow in freely and put on another pot of coffee and soon I’ll begin to make some art. Lunch is coming up and I don’t know what that’s gonna be yet and I’m ok with that. I’m trying to now think about what I want to work on….quilting? bead looming? coloring book drawing? peace flags?….so many possibilities! I’ll light some grounding incense and follow my muse as soon as I become still enough to hear her. So, dear friends, I hope you can hear your muse today and I hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art ~ Possibilities ~


2 Comments Add yours

  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    Your day sounds very busy. 🙂

    1. dawn says:

      My day is indeed flying!! But it’s all good 😀 Hope your day is wonderful!!

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