Peace Love and Happy Places

I’m in one of my happy places right now, mentally and physically….I’m outside. I’m laboring for Wayne as he underpins my studio….my recycled from an old out building studio he bartered for a while back. It’s looking so good! In between times of not being needed I’m sitting on the ground drawing a new coloring book titled and themed….Take Me To The River. Sitting out here is putting me back at my Nona’s house a million years ago when I was just a country kid running wild through the woods where I’d find my happy place to lay down on a blanket of moss and watch the fairies dance high up in the canopy of trees so thick you could only catch glimpses of Carolina blue skies and small sunshine puddles streaming out across the woodland floor, good and shady and cool which was nice on really hot humid summer days. Summer days that seemed to last lifetimes. Sometimes I would think night would never come. That there were no more stars or moon or indigo skies then slowly and surely the flickers would begin. First one then four or five and soon all around….fireflies…lighting up the night with neon magic and then the stars! That first one being wished on. Wishing that I’d never leave the country or the woods or the song birds. Wishing there would Peace Love and Happiness forever and ever and ever. Not realizing at all that the peace, the love, the happiness, the hippiness was inside me and I could choose to keep it or let it go. I’m so so so glad I choose a long time ago to keep it. To embrace my hippie bohemian country wild child and let her live bare footed and artistic and free spirited. To let her make art whether it sold or not and there were times it didn’t! To let her make bread and have hippie tea parties and wear funky hats and gypsy skirts. To let her watch the skies and look for signs and believe in magic and UFOs and ghosts. To let her laugh at her own corny jokes and practice yoga at midnight if the yoga jones hit. To let her serve breakfast for dinner and dinner under the trees she loves so much. To end the day tired, dirt under never been to get a manni or a pedi fingernails, paint stained clothes, messy hair, with a twinkle in sleepy eyes knowing tomorrow will dawn bright and early and just as wonderful as this one had been. I love love love life!DSCN1900

I hope y’all stop by again tomorrow! Peace love art ~ happy places ~


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  1. I think my inner hippie wild child could get along well with yours. šŸ˜€ I let mine out to play every day. šŸ™‚

    1. dawn says:

      Yay!! I’m so glad you do!! That’s how we keep our Muchness šŸ˜€ I wish we could play together! Big hugs!

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