Peace Love and Seeds


I’ve got my seeds!! Sugar snap peas, sweet corn, radishes, green beans, zucchini, yellow squash and later we’ll get tomato plants but it may freeze here again Sat. night/Sun. morning. Oh my gosh, I think I forgot cucumbers, oh well, I’ll go back for them later. We bought our seeds from a local country feed and grain store where they have their own fishing pond and green houses! There were the sweetest baby chicks there today chirping up a storm!! I loved them all! Of course, I had to stop and talk to them. It was so cool watching them eat and drink. I loved loved loved them!! I was thinking about moving my computer table to the front window but I’m not totally sure about that so after this I’ll probably just work on my new art quilt I started adding color to last night and already I love it soooo much! Okay, so y’all know how I practice yoga twice a day right? I always always always spread out Piper’s yoga mat both times and she always always always uses it. yoga kitties coloring book p4Well, check this out…yesterday Rainy was going to practice yoga in the living room since Sky and I were going hiking…she spread out the mat she would use and then spread out Piper’s yoga mat and invited Piper to practice yoga with her….here’s the thing….Piper looked her in the eye and walked off to my art studio where she remained while Rainy practiced yoga never once venturing toward her very own mat. I guess she only practices yoga with me lol. Here’s another thing…this morning Piper was on her yoga mat at the end near me and Bijou joined her at the far end of the mat. Piper waited for her to get up and then she got up and pulled the mat until it rolled up half way eliminating the other end and then she spread back out where she had been!! How funny is that?!! Oh my gosh! You’ve gotta love love love cats!!! And I totally do! So, there you have it my day in a nut shell so far. Aside from cleaning the bathroom, walking with Sky and cooking breakfast and lunch and doing dishes and stuff which I’ve also done. Soon I’ll change and practice yoga again….my Ashtanga yoga that I love! And then dinner and dishes and art and tv and then I’ll get up and start a brand new day…food shopping…need fresh produce! Tangelos, apples, lemons, bananas, strawberries, lettuce, celery, carrots, eggplant, collards, cauliflower, sugar snap peas, asparagus spears, potatoes, garlic.  I need coffee and sweetener and jello and rice cakes, and ice cream, fat free of course. I need eggs, lots and lots and lots of eggs. We love eggs! I need cereal and oatmeal and cashew milk and nuts. I need srirarcha and mustard and horseradish and hot peppers too! Wow, I think I’m going to be there for a while lol.. Ok, dear friends, have a wonderful day and a beautiful tomorrow and try to meet me back here tomorrow ok? Much Peace Love Art ~ Seeds! ~


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  1. great spirits from this post! totally going to follow you! and yes i couldn’t agree more about loving cats!

    1. dawn says:

      Thanks so much for the comment! I’m glad you can dig it 😀 I love your blog!! I was just there a second ago!! Much Peace Love Art and Cats!

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