A Series Of Unfortunate Events but it’s all good anyway…

Good news first….just before giving up and going to practice Ashtanga yoga I found my pen nibs!!! And then in another place I found my pen. A place, a drawer actually, that I had looked in twice! Third time really was the charm! I still haven’t found the scratchboard tools but I will.

Now…for this morning….I woke up around 4:35am getting up I noticed the door which is normally shut so the dogs can’t get out and roam around all night was open. I knew I would need to check on the liter box since for some crazy reason the dogs like digging in it leaving huge messes! But before I even got that far, just outside the bedroom door…I did it…I stepped into a big ol puddle of uh-oh!!! So, I had to clean that up. Then sure enough, I had to sweep up liter. Finally much much much later I took my shower and practiced yoga. Then I remembered I needed to make the water payment so I called the automated number and they hung up on me! Lol! The total of the bill changed three times while I was on the phone with Aqua! Explain that! Oh my gosh! Funny! So I guessimated a payment and I’ll call them in a while to make sure they got it since it was so wonky. Ok, after that I filled out the payment for trash pick up and addressed and  sealed the envelope realizing I hadn’t put the paper work in it! Lol!! Luckily I had one envelope left to redo it. Then I went to make up the bed since Wayne is already up and off to work with a buddy…that’s when I found it…another mess. Thor’s pillow out of the case and shredded to bits and pieces…fiberfill looking like it snowed in our bedroom! You’ve gotta laugh! You really do. So, I cleaned it up and carried it out to the trash can and started laundry even though I just did two loads yesterday but since I had to clean up a big puddle and the boys took showers last night the laundry basket was already growing with dirty clothes. But now….laundry is washing, puddle is drying, liter box is fine, the cats are fed (the dog ate all their food too), the mail is ready for the box, the water payment made, the bedroom is cleaned up and bed made and now I’m about to start another pot of coffee and make breakfast and maybe go for a hike! I think I deserve it don’t you? You’ve so gotta laugh! Try to meet me back here tomorrow ok when hopefully I’ll have found my scratchboard tools and made some art and retained peace and humor along the way 😀

Much Peace Love Art ~ and a series of unfortunate events ~

38. She Brings Peace
38. She Brings Peace

4 Comments Add yours

  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    “the dog ate all their food too” LOL

    1. dawn says:

      it’s funny cause it’s true!!! lol

  2. Kelly says:

    Sorry about the messes…that’s how it happens here: in multiples.
    I was cranky this morning, then I looked at your pic with Piper doing her yoga on her own mat.
    Cracks me up.

  3. dawn says:

    There’s always something to be happy about 😀 Big big big hugs!

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