Peace Hiking Yoga and Dip Pens


So I got up this morning and practiced yoga. It was a great vinyasa flow and I loved it! I came away with it though with a jones for my old and I mean old dip pen and nibs which I haven’t seen in a while maybe a year! I’ve had this dip pen and nibs since 1995! I want it back! And my scratchboard tools too! I can’t find either!! I searched for two hours before breakfast but after breakfast I looked no more because I took Rainy and Sky hiking. It was so great being out doors…in the woods…with tall trees and song birds and scurrying squirrels and waterfalls and bliss…pure bliss and peace. When we got home I made us a nice healthy lunch and began looking again. I’ve been searching for an hour now and still nothing! That’s why I’m cutting this blog post check in short so I can search one more place! I have a big old suitcase I saved from the side of the road and it’s perfect for storage and it’s a Samsonite!! Anyway, I’ve got to find it or go buy a new one but I want my old one! And scratchboard tools too! At five I’ve got to practice my Ashtanga! Or maybe I’ll do Ashtanga now and it’ll help me focus! Yeah! Ashtanga! That’s what I need right now. Y’all have a great evening and try to stop by tomorrow when hopefully I’ll have my dip pen and nibs and scratchboard tools! I want to pull some prints today too! Oh my gosh! I need coffee and yoga! Peace Love Art ~ dip pens ~Peace Love and Crazy Quilts 12


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