Simple Living…It’s Easy…


Good morning beautiful people! Today is going to be a great day. No reason in particular it just is…I state this with Intention. It is my intention to have a successful day today. A artsy day today. A beautiful day today. A day of family and food and art. Sharing time and space with the ones I love most in the world…furry friends included. A day of colors and quilts and inspirations and music and errands ran with music playing and singing along. A day of coffee and Mancala and Mandalas and making art. Coloring books and drawings and stitches and beads and thoughts that turn into poetry and zines and ideas for later when i’ve forgotten and then stumble upon the inspiration or note or thought at some point in time when the time is right. Everything in it’s own time right? I mean lots of stuff I’ve learned…artsy stuff…like beading and knitting and weaving and printmaking and lino cutting and scratchboard and batik and….I’m using now maybe not all at once but often enough that I’m glad I’ve had that life experience that lead me through those processes to be utilized now in my art and life. It’s a lot like yoga! It all adds up to something good and life is basically good. Life at it’s simplest and it’s most organic place…a place of gardens and flowers…a place of love and joy of being alive…a place of beauty in everyday things like dew and rocks and birds sitting on a branch. It’s horses and homes and barns and kitties and playful dogs with loving eyes. It’s coffee and breakfast sizzling in a cast iron skillet. It’s a walk, a breeze, an open window on a chilly night as you sleep safe and sound. It’s laughter and family and will power and sunrises and sunsets and all the time in between. It’s the light that shines from under a door or an open refrigerator or a lamp in a front window on a cloudy day. It’s life…and it’s just that simple or it should be…I think so anyway…

Ok, friends, y’all have a great day today…make it your intention! and Peace Love and Crazy Quilts 8 try to meet me back here tomorrow ok? Peace Love Art ~ Simple Living ~


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