Spring is Springing, Art is being made and Soup is on…life is good


There’s a big fat cat laying across my table, a chocolate lab staring at me, a black cat sleeping behind me and a bull mastiff tapping a beat laying down some sweet tunes in the living room. My coffee is hot, yoga was great! Spring is here, the garden is planned, breakfast will soon be on the table including homemade bread toasted up in the cast iron skillet so you know what…life is pretty darn good. Today I’m going to to the post office to mail out another coloring book and maybe pick up some more cashew milk since I forgot it yesterday and then…then….then…maybe I’ll make homemade soup. I’ll check the weather and see if it’s gonna rain today again and be chilly and if so then it’s perfect for soup. Don’t cha think? I want to work on art for my art licensing agent and quilt too. I have a library book on embroidery stitches I’m anxious to try with all that embroidery floss I found last week…I just need a hoop so I may swing by the hobby store and pick up a cheap one when we go out or maybe see if our second hand store has one….either way I’m gonna need one for more detailed work. Ok, peeps, I’m going to go now because all these animals are getting a little out of hand so y’all take care and enjoy today! It’s the first day of Spring! Even though our heat is currently running lol. 984298_879786145396269_9032522532030288957_n 😀 Stop by again tomorrow if  you can ok? Peace Love Art ~ Spring is springing ~


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