Yoga, Coloring Books, Coffee, and Life…is good :D


I did it. I rearranged my furniture all day long yesterday…well, practically all day long. Finally I like it 😀 I just practiced yoga and now I feel great! Here’s a link to the practice I did this evening and I admit I did have to pause to hold the knee over knee poses cause I love them!

   I love love love yoga. I have to practice it twice a day though or I’ll totally tighten up and that I don’t care for at all.

I sold another coloring book 😀 Yay!! I love drawing coloring books! I’m working on another one at night. Tonight though I may work on the companion pieces to the kitchen flag garland since I just bought today new glitter and metallic crayons!! So excited!!

Peace Love and Crazy Quilts 7I want to do another therapy/meditation coloring book with of course hippie swag…cause that’s who I am as you my friends, already know. I still have to bind the coloring book, check my emails and look in on Facebook and check the weather for tomorrow so I can pick out my clothes as Wayne will be sleeping when I get up around 4:30am to shower and practice yoga and feed the animals and make some art before breakfast. I’ve got to also make dinner, do the dishes and fold my laundry when it’s done drying. I’ll need to soon put on another pot of coffee too. I’m almost done with this one…a blend of cafe au chocolat, vanilla bean, and buttery caramel…so so so very tasty! I’m craving cauliflower like crazy so I think I’ll have a big ol salad loaded with crisp chilled cauliflower and slice my homemade bread spraying it with olive oil and seasoning it with garlic and cajun seasoning and toast it up in the cast iron skillet and spread Laughing Cow Pepper Jack Cheese on it and maybe I’ll make a extra piece or two to enjoy with coffee later. Or maybe I’ll have cereal and cashew milk and my homemade bread toast but I really want cauliflower….hmmm….

Ok, so, I don’t hear the dryer and my tummy is starting to growl which means I’d better get a move on or I’ll just end up eating ice cream from the carton for dinner lol.

Y’all have a great evening and meet me back here tomorrow if you can! Peace Love Art ~ Yoga ~


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