Planning The Garden and Making Art….life is good!


So here I am hippie friends writing this barefooted from my barefoot home’s front porch. Loving loving loving it! I mailed out four more coloring books today! Yay! I’ve got another one ready to be listed as soon as I get around to it but right now all I want to do is be outside. I want to be under the trees and hiking and making my art from a patchwork quilt on the ground! I’m thinking of flowers and herbs and veggies too. My mom is an intuitive holistic aromatherapy healer and has enlisted me to grow her herbs since she knows we garden organically of course. I’ve got my seed catalogues and we are so ready to order! There’s not much tastier than food picked fresh from the garden just before preparing it. Juicy tomatoes still warm from the sun on a bed of lite Dukes mayo slathered on sliced bread and sprinkled with salt and pepper and if you’re like me topped with lettuce jalapeño peppers and sriracha sauce….yummy! I am so excited for the squash and zucchini and eggplant! Oh my gosh! The beautiful bells! In red and green and yellow! The leafy lettuces and the ever expanding herbs! The tall corn stalks growing in neat rows. The spicy radishes and the sweet sweet cantaloupes! Sliced and chilled and doused with salt. I love them the most! I love cantaloupes more than watermelons and I really really really love watermelons and strawberries and raspberries too! I love collards so maybe we’ll give them a go too. Man, now I’m kinda hungry! Think I’ll go grab a jello cup and get to making some art before evening yoga and dinner and tv and TV drawing (I draw coloring books while we watch tv at night). Ok so I’m off for now but y’all try to stop by my barefoot home again tomorrow! I’ll be here with coffee! Peace Love Art ~

Mandalas are Happy and Meditative too!
Mandalas are Happy and Meditative too!

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    1. dawn says:

      Thanks for sharing the love 🙂

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