The Secret Life Of Cats….


DSCN1727100_1548I have found that the very best way to keep Piper off my yoga mat is to give her her very own yoga mat right next to mine. It’s not that I mind sharing my yoga mat with my cat but she likes to grab my feet or pull my hair or sometimes she dozes off and I wake her up when chaturanga dandasanaing lol. So, this morning Piper had her own yoga mat right there next to me and she loved loved loved it! She remained there the whole time. Right now she’s stirring her food around in the bowl. She is a very cute kitty and I love love love her! Bijou is a sweetheart too. She sleeps with us every night now. Wayne said she slept so hard Saturday night she actually snored! Piper is a clean freak though. She’s obsessed with cleaning up around the food bowls and covering everything up in the liter box and straightening out cloth and curtains and magazines. Bijou couldn’t care less. She’d rather eat, sleep, play and get kisses than anything. Piper will accept kisses when she wants them but only when she wants them. Piper is a stalker…Bijou isn’t. Piper is always on alert….Bijou isn’t. Piper loves her catnip…Bijou doesn’t. Piper loves yoga…Bijou doesn’t. Piper tries to drink my coffee…Bijou doesn’t. Piper likes butter but Bijou doesn’t. Bijou likes ice cream but Piper doesn’t. Bijou would make a break for it to get outside but…Piper won’t. Bijou meows loud and proud…Piper doesn’t. Bijou stands up to dogs almost bulling them…Piper watches from afar up high or down low except for when she knows them and then she doesn’t care. Bijou doesn’t care for Thor but Piper likes him and he loves her. Bijou is small and lean and Piper is fat furry and fluffy! I am convinced that our furry friends can and do premeditate events, that they have emotions and personalities and preferences from sleeping spots to people to food. I think they are a lot like us and are really in tune with us and sense when we are down or not feeling well and actually try to comfort us. Bijou comes running when I raise my voice at Molly or Thor to make sure all is ok…Piper doesn’t. Piper loves to be in on furniture rearranging but Bijou doesn’t she disappears until it’s over and then picks out a new spot to nap in while Piper like riding on the chair or table or sofa as it’s being shoved across the room lol. Bijou hates the vacuum still but it doesn’t faze Piper in the slightest. I love our furry friends so much and I really believe they love us right back! Y’all have a great day ok? Try to stop by again tomorrow! Peace Love Art ~ Kitties! ~


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