Sunday Funday!


Thor and Molly and Piper and Bijou have joined me this morning. Piper actually has been with me since I hit the yoga mat a while ago. She truly is a zen kitty. So, if you read yesterday’s blog you know about my ‘signs’, right? Well, yesterday we went junkin’ and found a thrift store that had a lit of fabric market samples….as well as tassels and trims and all kinds of goodies just really perfect for peace flags and art journal quilts!!! And so so so cheap! Only a dollar! Do I need any more signs? Lol…I’ll take them if I see them! I worked just a little while on my new mini quilt/banner yesterday but I ran out of time after junkin’ and cookin’ and yoga and random life stuff. But hopefully today I’ll get artsy. Wayne is out of Prilosec so we’re going to the flea market to buy it from a vendor there and I’ll see Tami and Alex  and of course, we’ll have to walk around for a while and by the time we get home it’ll be time for lunch so I’ll cook and do dishes and walk and then…! I hope! I think tomorrow I’ll take sky hiking unless Wayne wants to go then we will go today after lunch but for now we will just play that part by ear you know….the best laid plans and all that. For now I’m going to let Molly out, get more coffee and get ready to start breakfast and get on with Sunday Funday! I hope y’all’s Sunday is a Funday too! Try to stop by my barefoot home tomorrow…the weather is going to be great! Peace Love Art ~ Flea Markets~image


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