Signs, Soup, and Sriracha Sauce


Ok, so lately I’ve been proposing the question out to the Universe as I do my walking meditations and this has been the question returning again and again….should I be doing art journal quilts at all even though I love love love them so so so much is there a way to make a living with them? What should I be focusing on? Coloring Books!! Yes!! But I need at least two projects at all times it’s just how I work that’s the way I’m wired I suppose. So that’s been the issues as of lately and you know what the results have been…well, check this out….I was hiking this week and looked down and found a silver star perfect for embellishing a quilt! Just laying there right on the ground! I went hiking again and found some nut shells perfect for embellishing a quilt. We went to the Restore yesterday and I found great fabric super cheap! I found a container with dividers full of glass seed beads and an entire album of organized embroidery flosses!!!  I also found three baggies of cute pins! All perfect for embellishing art journal quilts. So, yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and yes, Dawn, you probably should be doing art journal quilts and stop thinking and wondering and contemplating so much….stop trying to figure out something that is so obviously already figured out to a certain extent and will no doubt finish coming together as the quilts are actually completed and ready to go! Stop concentrating and trying to see the steps to end result and just see the end result as the best possible scenerio….making a great living with art journal quilts and coloring books! Just remember the quilts can be hot mats you know…mini sized and pillows and throws and wall hangings and flags and garlands and banners and postcards and even little monsters or muses!  Even pocket books or totes! So there I have it. I looked for signs and I saw them and now I just have to accept them and move forward! I sold three coloring books this week and I have almost completed a new one that I am so loving. What I haven’t done is actually work on a quilt in days! Today we’re going off junking for a while and hopefully this afternoon I’ll be able to make something…we’re going to the flea market tomorrow and I want to make something for Tami she always brings me good karma and positive vibes as does Alex. They have to be two of the most very magical people I know and I love love love them!!!! And I love love love y’all too! I’m feeling great from yoga this morning, the birds are singing just outside my window, the coffee is delicious and so was my soup I made yesterday. I had it for lunch and dinner and I’ll have it again today! I made a toasted in the cast iron skillet spicy pepper jack cheese sandwich from Laughing Cow cheese and added a dousing of Sriracha sauce and mustard to it and it was so good!! You should try it! I’m already looking forward to lunch! I think I may buy myself some vegetarian sausage next time I go to the store. I bet that would make a tasty dinner sandwich…egg white and vegetarian sausage on whole wheat pita bread with mustard and of course Sriracha and jalapeno peppers! Man oh man  wish I was going to the store today! But it’s ok, I’ve got some cereal and Cashew milk to try in the meantime. I really like breakfast for dinner! Especially when it’s raining and candles are lit! That’s so funDSCN1801!  Ok dear friends I need more coffee and want to make something….art journal quilt perhaps? 😀 So, y’all have a great day and try to stop by again tomorrow ok? Peace Love Art ~ Signs ~


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