Art, Hiking and Loving Life :D


Oh my gosh friends!! It’s an amazingly beautiful day here on the countryside.

Mandalas are Happy and Meditative too!
Mandalas are Happy and Meditative too!

I went to my Happy Place and hiked for a while and I found a dime and some neat nut shells I’m going to put into a work of art. I loved being out in the woods. Next time I may take my art supplies and stay for a while or maybe the day. I want to take my yoga mat too.There’s several waterfalls perfect for yoga and meditation. I cant wait till I do yoga again this evening since my hamstrings need a deep stretching. I love Steve Ross! I used to do yoga with him a long time ago and I found him on YouTube!! I didn’t mean to sound like I took his class in person…I wasn’t that lucky….but I did get up early every morning to practice with him on Oxygen. I’ll put the link in here in case anyone wants to check him out!

I like Rodney Yee also and Mark Gonzales but Steve’s music is great! And it flows quick. I love power yoga in the morning and more yin or hatha practice in the evening. I am sitting here at this computer but I’m wanting to be back outside! I think when I wrap this up I may pack up some stuff and head outdoors to work for a while. Coffee and art on a nice March afternoon….perfection! Carolina blue skies, wispy white clouds, custom blended coffee….buttery caramel and vanilla bean this time and I may add chocolate to it next pot for this afternoon! I bet it would be so tasty with a dollop of whipped cream on top! Yummy! Ok, now I need coffee so I have to go but y’all have a great day ok? Try to stop by again tomorrow I think I’ll be making soup! Peace Love Art ! ~ The Great Outdoors ~


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