Tuesday….it’s going to be a good day :D


Yikes! Computer clicker batteries are dying. I know it’s commonly referred to as a mouse but I don’t particularly care for them so I don’t want to go around calling them. I know, I know, I’ve already been told…I’m so weird. But that’s ok, I have coffee and art and I am really really really harmless 😀 I get to go to the library today!! I’m mailing art to Texas I think, anyways, somewhere in the US for a change lol, so I’m paying the fine with the money Sky gave me for my birthday! Yay! I’m so excited! I’ve got to make Wayne’s breakfast around 8 and let the dogs eat and go out to their oasis. Their food and water are already ready but they haven’t gotten up yet. Late sleepers like the rest of my family. The cats are up they sleep in the middle of the day when the sun is high and warm and streaming in windows. That’s their favorite time to slumber snuggled warmly on a window seat or tucked in my Nona’s chair. I hear stirring so I had better go get ready for the stampede. Y’all have a wonderful day! Meet me back here tomorrow~ Peace Love Art ~ Libraries ~November 29 aceo


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