Good Morning Beautiful People!


Good morning beautiful people! I’ve got Good news and not so good news….good news my ear did open in time for my birthday….bad news-it’s closed again this morning. I had a feeling yesterday riding with the car windows down and all that cool air breezing in….sure enough I woke up with it closed again so I’m back in the vacuum…in the muffled sound vortex. Oh my gosh! Piper is trying to pick out an album…obviously she wants to listen to some good music maybe Heart, perhaps George Harrison or even Captain & Tennille. I wonder what it would be like to just pack up and move to a place like Alaska. Where Mother Nature reigns supreme and beauty is all around, but then again beauty actually is all around if you look for it right? For me though…I need land, hills and trees lots and lots and lots of treDSCN1855es! I need animals and freedom to roam and spread out to dance naked under the full moon if I want to….without neighbors looking into my back yard or a home owners association telling me what I can and cannot do, if that’s cool with you then that’s cool with me that’s it’s cool with you…I just couldn’t do it.  I’ve got to get to making these manifestations of mine….and Wayne’s to start coming into reality. I’ve got to run my art like a business but maintain it’s sincerity and hippie integrity and vibe. I think I need a product list of items to make with my art that make a barefoot home…a barefoot home. For me that’s art and throw pillows and rugs and peace flags and quilts and stuff that promotes comfy cozy moments spent in little nooks…little vignettes that invite you in for coffee or tea or wine with something tasty to snack on while looking at a magazine reading a good book or art journaling or coloring…You know….me time…your time….peaceful happy time. Now it’s time for me to make Wayne’s breakfast before he goes out to help a friend build a handicapable ramp (I don’t like the term handicap…just because someone’s may be challenged doesn’t mean they can’t live life and do stuff! ) So my friends I’m off for now but I hope you’ll drop by my barefoot home tomorrow….barefoot weather is sneaking in little by little! Have a great day! Peace Love Art ~ Life ~


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