Well, Happy Birthday To Me!! Yoga, Hiking, Family Fun!


It’s my birthday!! I love love love my birthday! Another year gone DSCN1853 DSCN1855 DSCN1856 DSCN1862yet I haven’t aged at all. I refuse to grow up and you can’t make me! Lol! It’s been a truly beautiful day! We (my family) went hiking for like 6 miles through the woods to the waterfall and it was beautiful and magical and wonderful and I loved loved loved it! It’s my new happy place!! After lunch Rainy walked with me again and then I saw all the Facebook friends I have!! Oh my gosh! I am so feeling the love! My kids paid my library fines so I can go back to the library now! Yay!! I’ll be a good girl and turn my books back in on time this go round I promise! Wayne gave me the prettiest bouquet of flowers!! I love love love them!! Rainy gave me a musical card where Snoopy dances while the music plays! Sky wrote me the sweetest note in my card from him and Wayne’s card had whimsical flowers on it!! Does my family know me or what? Oh my gosh, we’ve been spinning vinyl and grilling and chilling since hiking and now just back from walking down our country lane with Rainy I’m going to enjoy a pot of custom blended coffee…custom blended by me! Vanilla Bean and Cafe au Chocolat!! Oh my gosh!! Too too too good!!! So very tasty!! I don’t want to share it with anyone!! But I will and then I’ll make more 😀 So, the time changed on my birthday! I hate the time change so I’m ignoring it! We’ll see how well that works out lol. For now it’s all good, the sun is out and it’s warm and beautiful and I’m going to go make art and live the rest of it to the fullest most peaceful beautiful magical groovy way I can with my family and furry friends and country life waking from it’s winter’s slumber…life is good! I hope y’all meet me back here tomorrow! ~Peace Love Art ~ Birthdays 😀


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