Saturday Morning Cartoons, Cereal With The Toy In The Bottom of the Box and Random Life Stuff…

Now that’s a salad! Lettuce, strawberries, tangelo slice, jalapeno peppers, steamed sugar snap peas, sautéed celery, flax seed, Sriracha sauce…sprayed with olive oil and generously sprinkled with cracked fresh Italian herbs and seasoned salt and black pepper and finished off with vinegar. Sooooo good!

Saturday morning….remember those mornings….cartoons like Hong Kong Phooey and Scooby Doo and Captain Caveman? Eating cold cereal and butter toast sitting on the floor in front of the coffee table in the living room….taking seconds on the cereal trying to get to the prize in the bottom of the box…remember  when cereal had toys in the bottom of the box? Cereal and toast were my favorite foods! I could make toast all by myself by the time I was five. After cartoons it was outside to play. Hot or cold it mattered not. I would be outside and most often than not…up a tree. Then hamburgers for lunch! Mine would be so loaded with mayo that it squeezed out the sides and I would scoop it with a potato chip or french fry whichever I had. May and pickles that’s how I ate my burgers. Now I don’t eat meat…haven’t since…oh…forever now. I guess it’s been fourteen years since when I was pregnant with my son I did crave meat so much my doctor said I needed it so I gave in and did. But after he was born I went straight back to being a vegetarian again. I was a vegan for a long long long while but not now. I love love love eggs! Don’t like cheese though but I did get some Laughing Cow Pepperjack Cheese the other day and maybe today I’ll try it with my lunchtime salad and homemade bread toasted up in the cast iron skillet. Thinly sliced toasted bread may just be really good with the soft cheese. I’ll give it a go anyway. I’ve already got to go back to the market for fresh produce. I’ll be so happy happy happy to have my garden and just go out and pick an eggplant and peppers and cucumbers and lettuce and best of all….juicy tomatoes!! I love love love tomatoes! And cantaloupes!! Cold cantaloupe slices salted with a smidgeon of pepper too…oh my gosh! So good! I told Wayne I want a great big ol flower garden this year too. I want tulips and daisies and black eyed susans and carnations and of course my sunflowers!! Hopefully we’ll get out chickens and goats this summer too. And hopefully I’ll get the art for the Barefoot Home business off the ground. It’s already March and I’ve really not accomplished anything! I’ve got to get this thing going! I’ve got to manage my time better or better yet…I think I’ll relax and go with the flow. I’m not going to stress and fight the Muse I’m going to go with my instincts each and every day! I’m going to check in with myself and find out what’s what. Cause I think my instincts already know and I just need to tap into that. I’ve got an iPad full of ideas and inspirations and plans and I need to refer to it everyday. How do y’all manage your days? Do you get it all done? I practice yoga and cook and do dishes and laundry and take care of my family and my furry friends and run errands and make art in between. Working from home there’s no set work hours and lots of time I get my most art done between the hours of 8pm and 10pm! Or 3 am and 4am! Especially in the summer…when there’s a warm breeze blowing and the windows are open and the morning sun is just about to wake up and all is so peaceful and quiet and beautiful and awesome…and I love love love it. My Muse is telling me it’s time for more coffee and art before breakfast and errands and random life stuff so y’all have a great day and try to stop by my barefoot home tomorrow…it’s my birthday tomorrow!!! I want to go hiking and to the flea market and junking and make art and memories and who knows? Y’all have a great day!! Big hugs 😀 Peace Love Art ~ Saturday Morning Cartoons ~ I think I’ll put on Scooby Doo!! You know for old time’s sake…Fantasy Island is on now.


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