Thursday…November 18 aceo

Three…more days till my Birthday!! Yay!!

Thrifty…cause I so am.

Taxi…I’ve never been in one…can you believe it?

Tip…cause you should.

Tub…especially white deep porcelain claw foot ones…totally manifesting!

Text…I never do…don’t even own a cell phone!

Tick Tock…I love the sound of a Grandfather Clock…

Tranquil….I think of a grassy river bank on late summer’s evening with a bottle of wine, a radio and peace and someone to share Time with.

Time….live every moment of every day.

Tai Chi…is so awesome!

T-shirt…my favorite is my vintage Woodstock one I found at a yard sale with pot holes burnt into it here and there lol.

Tic Tac Toe…the original hashtag!

Taters…southern for potatoes and can be eaten at any meal…hashbrowns, fried, baked, stewed, smashed, au gratin…

Topper…old Cary Grant movie from the 1930’s I think…I love that movie…I love old movies!

Tomatoes…hot from the sun, fresh off the vine…so juicy! Sliced thin and laid out of a bed of Duke’s light mayo and sprinkled generously with pepper and salt topped with another layer of mayonaised bread and sliced in half on the diagonal and eaten with either a baked potato or low fat chips….wish I had one right now!

Teepee…I Totally want one!

Trains…I love love love them! I love the history, the mystery and the graffiti too.

Truth or Dare…you remember that game don’t you?

Turtle…I love love love turtles! We always help them cross the street in the direction they were already headed so they don’t get ran over…

Tulips…I love them…I gonna plant some!

Trade…cause it’s fun!

Time for me To go…so y’all have a great Thursday! Try to meet me back here Tomorrow ok? Peace Love Art ~ Thursday ~


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