Wednesday’s Words…to live by





Why Not?



With who?

The Who…great band…

Wine….you know why and when and with who…

Wander…even aimlessly sometimes is good…you never know what you’ll find…

Wacky…cause it’s fun..just be off the Wall and Wacky and have fun!

Wafer as in vanilla wafers so tasty with a pat of real butter or even peanut butter but I like real butter on them and we all deserve a tasty treat at least once a day!

White Rabbit…cause he’s so high strung and really needs some yoga and meditation and we all  love him don’t we? Are you late for a very important date?

Waiting…is hard but sometimes necessary and you’ll eventually find out What you were Waiting on and I bet it’ll be Worth it!

This is a short post today because I’m about to start a print making class this morning and I am so anxious to get my chores done so I can concentrate and right now my chocolate lab Miss Molly is somewhere I don’t know and I need to  make sure she’s not eating one of my shoes! I hope you’ll try to meet me back here tomorrow! Peace Love Art ~ Wednesday! ~


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