Today I Might….


November 26 aceoToday I might make bread.

Today I might play a game of Mancala with Sky.

Today we might spin some vinyl.

Today I might make art.

Today I might drink a lot of coffee ( actually, I already am).

Today I might burn candles.

Today I might practice yoga (actually I already have).

Today I might weave some fabric.

Today I might embellish my mini quilt.

Today I might sit on my window seat and look at a magazine.

Today I might draw a coloring book.

Today I might daydream.

Today I might make potholders.

Today I might work on a zine.

Today I might try a crossword puzzle.

Today I might look for new recipes to try next week.

Today I might try to live in each and every moment.

Today I might do something I’ve never done before.

Today I might study my Italian lessons.

Today I might crochet.

Today I might eat ice cream straight from the carton.

Today I might watch a good scary movie.

Today I might sit and watch the freezing rain fall from the palest pale sky.

Today I might…just…be.

I hope you do something today you’ll remember forever with a smile and a nice warm feeling to warm you on another icy day just like this one. And I hope you’ll meet me back here tomorrow…Peace Love Art ~ Possibilities ~


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