Snow, Food, Family, Furry Friends, Life is so Good….

Yesterday was another wonderful snow day that began (like today)…with an hour and forty minutes of yoga followed by some art and then a great big breakfast

. After dishes were washed and bed made and furry friends fed and let out to play in the snow (and let me tell you they have had the best time!!) I walked

…in the snow…with Rainy and Michael while Sky and Wayne built a snow sculpture…a dog has treed a poor cat!

People come from all over our little community to see his snow sculptures every year. Last year he snow sculpted a dude on a Harley with his dog riding along too! So, lunch came and went….polish sausage with peppers and onions and sauerkraut on a whole wheat hoagie served with cauliflower and ranch dip and fries and olives and cheddar cheese and a pickle to top it off for Wayne. Chicken tenders, fries, a biscuit left over from breakfast for Sky. A veggie pita pizza and salad for me and Rainy and Michael went to Subway. I walked again and this time Wayne walked with me. I came home to find my art had been put in an etsy treasury and I sold a coloring book Because She Can….coloring book…Color! It’s good for the soul! so I got that printed and put some cool freebies with it too. Then I got more coffee, my caramel rice cake and magazine DSCN1837and settled into my nook for some ‘me’ time. The Mancala game DSCN1831was set up and ready to be played. Sky promised to play Mancala with me. I have a salted caramel hippie candle and it smells so good! I love love love to keep a candle burning and I love love love my evening yoga practice. I like a yoga flow, a vinyasa in the morning but in the evening I like deep deep deep stretching. I’ve been checking out videos on YouTube while I printed the coloring book and found one by Yogea for anti-depression to rivive and rejoice and while I am so so so far from depressed I really really really want to practice this routine so I did and it was all I hoped it would be! Great asanas! Much Peace afterwards. Rainy and Michael bought pizzas and shared with her dad and Sky so all I did was make salads for them. I didn’t partaked of the pizza since I had pita pizza at lunch and wanted a veggie burger for dinner. I worked on a new Mandala that I’m not in love with…not listening to the Muse again and that’s always a mistake! We watched a movie on Netflix. White Bird In Winter or something like that. It was ok. My hot air popcorn was good! So, here I am about to get on with another beautiful day out here in hippie land nestled in our little rural neck of the woods where Peace reigns supreme and there’s always coffee in the pot and a furry friend to hug. Feel free to stop by anytime! I hope you’ll meet me back here tomorrow…Peace Love Art ~ Life ~ 😀


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