Keeping Enochville Weird!


Good morning beautiful friends. Time is already fleeting! I got up took my shower…cinnamon bun lotion…I smell delicious! Practiced yoga for an hour and a half and then tai chi. Fed the cats, watered the dogs (they’ll eat later after I fry bacon and liver mush since they like the drippings over their food. I heat set a mini quiltDSCN1796 and later I’ll hopefully start quilting and embellishing it and the other one too. I’d like to make them into pot holders but since they are mixed media that’s probably not the best idea. I think I may have to invest in actual fabric crayons, inks, dyes…. But I love love love my art supplies! i love my crayons and colored pencils and oil pastels! I love my Sharpie! I love my glitter! What to do…what to do..what to do. Wayne wants me to start altering or perhaps I should say redesigning clothes. Which is funny since from the time I was in the seventh grade up until oh…forever….I wanted to be a fashion designer! Am I coming full circle?

I also have a great inspiration for some cards!! I want to hold this secret close until I complete a few though to see if it works out and I hope hope hope it does!! When I was practicing yoga yesterday I got the a-ha! idea for it but haven’t acted on it as of yet. Today while I was practicing yoga I heard the Muse whisper in my ear….‘today is the day your life changes forever’. I wonder…. It’s a little unnerving you know but I know the Universe has my best interest at heart.

Piper just meowed for the first time in months…she’s not a big talker…Molly was nose to nose with her and she didn’t hiss or arch or anything she just meowed a very hoarse sounding mew. I love her so much!! Now she’s on the floor by the heat vent watching the big dogs. Molly, our chocolate lab, has to be playing with something all the time! Thor, the Mastiff, is happy to just chill but he will play with her…she brings out the fun in him!

It snowed yesterday!! Beautiful glorious snow!! It was awesome. I made hot cocoa for my family and Rainy made brownies for her dad and it was a good day. She with Sky and her boyfriend Michael made a snowman on the trunk of his car and took it riding around our country lane! That was too cute! She made a card stock sign and put it around the snowperson’s neck…that read…Help! I’ve been SNOWNAPPED! Lol. I love my family…they’re so weird! We’re keeping Kannapolis weird! The Enochville area anyway 😀

It’s calling for more this evening so we’re heading out today for supplies…coffee, coffee filters, sweetener, coffee, bread, milk (cause we’re out and if the store is out then half and half will work fine and it’s less calories too!), eggs, coffee, lettuce, celery, fries, coffee, black forest ham and maybe some veggie stock for some more soup or maybe not…haven’t yet decided, did I mention coffee?

So dear friends, I’m off to get to making art on the 25th day of Feb….another snow day!! Y’all have a great one! Try to meet me back here tomorrow ok….Peace Love Art ~ Keep it Weird! ~


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