Snow Day At My Barefoot Home :D


DSCN1795At my barefoot home snow days need bare-feet warmed in woolen socks and soft clothes and things that make us feel comfy cozy like sleeping kitties curled in tight balls on the bay window seat or my Nona’s chair. Snow days scream for homemade brownies…thanks to Rainy there’s a very thankful and full dad lol. They also scream apparently for cleaning out the fridge ’cause that’s how I spent most of the morning after cooking a huge breakfast which also goes with snow days….bacon, livermush, toast, big fat chicken biscuits, scrambled eggs, cereal and oatmeal. Lunch is going to be oyster stew for Wayne since my half and half is expiring and I need to use it even though there’s spaghetti which Rainy and Michael will have with garlic bread and Sky…hmmm…..probably spaghetti and chicken with garlic bread and a salad. I’ll have a whole wheat pita pocket stuffed with veggies….collards and a side salad. And of course, a never ending coffee pot. Snow days also need music! And….chocolate labs playing in the snow…catching snowflakes on her tongue, Molly is having the best day ever! I’m hoping to quilt this afternoon and I am so digging the new mini quilt I’m currently coloring.

spring themed art on a snow day :D
spring themed art on a snow day 😀

I love love love this day! So, of course, you understand that I’m anxious to get back to it…y’all have a great day and try to meet me back here tomorrow! Peace Love Art ~ Snow Day ~


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