Little Things That Make My Barefoot Home a Barefoot Home…


There are a certain things I need to feel comfy and cozy, safe and happy and totally relaxed…you know….the essence of a home…the vibe…the little things…what makes a bohemian barefoot home a bohemian barefoot home…my home…

Coffee in many flavors…Buttery Caramel, Vanilla Bean, Southern Pecan Pie, Cafe Au Chocolat….

for sale in my etsy shop :)

Wicker Picnic Baskets and a

Patchwork Quilt to spread out on the ground for the picnic

Fleece Throws draped over the arm of an overstuffed chair

Pretty little cups and saucers that I don’t drink from because they’re too small but I like looking at them

Books stacked perilously near the above mentioned chair

A yummy loaf of homemade yeast bread hot from the over with a drizzle of honey

Vanilla wafers with a pat of real butter

Turntables and albums from back in the day….you know, when music was good…

Kitchen islands with pot racks and herbs hanging from it

White canisters

Kitties in bay windows

Curtains blowing in the warm summer breeze

Plants sprouting in the kitchen widow sill

Freshly tilled dirt

Vintage fabrics within reach in my studio

Threads and paints and inks and crayons in every color of the spectrum

Walks in the fresh air…

Walks on brisk fall days as the colors explode like fireworks all around and you crunch as you walk and smell the chimney smoke from nearby fireplaces…

Walks on winter days as the snow falls like magic and you catch the first flakes on your tongue…

Walks on Spring days as the flowers peep from garden beds ever so shyly at first and then into full colorful beautiful bloom as the birds sing to welcome them and you have to smile as the wind catches your hair and the sun warms the earth…

Walks in the light summer rain splashing in little puddles and listening to the song of the bull frogs….

Sunday night spaghetti dinners eaten in candlelight with the family

Saturday night scary movie night with popcorn and cocktails

Patchouli incense

Rainy days

Cute laundry rooms (which I don’t have yet…but…I’m manifesting!)

Art work in unexpected places

Art supplies ever ready scattered on my drawing table

Baskets of yarns in every texture and color

Acoustic guitars waiting to be played

Hummingbird feeders

Fairy lights on the mantle

Chocolate Labs and Bull Mastiffs and even temperamental Chihuahuas

Beaded purses too fancy for anywhere I go but I carry them anyway…they make a trip to the market…an event and stylish….you know, like Audrey Hepburn 😀

Hand knit scarves in baskets by the door

Going to the mailbox and finding a MAGAZINE!! I love love love magazines!! And handmade zines too!!

French press coffee pots

Pop up storms

Peace Flags

Yoga and Tai Chi and Meditation and Visualization and Chakra Balancing

Peace Love and Happiness

I could go on and on and on…you know I could! But I’ll save some for another day….Feel free to share your lists if you want 😀

Try to stop by again tomorrow! Peace Love Art ~ Good Things! ~


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