Peace Flags and Yoga


I have finished adding the color to another Peace Flag! Yay!! I love love love it!! I’ve drawn a second one too! I’ll start adding coloring to it soon. I’m just trying to figure out how I want to finish it off….quilting it on felt and embellishing all around it or batting it to size and then embellishing the piece that way…I’ll figure it out organically. I’m not going to push the issue or try to MAKE it happen…it’ll come when it comes. Meanwhile I’ll be working on the next one and starting to quilt the big big big quilt. I want to enter my big big big quilt in the fair this fall. I think that would be fun! I bet Rowan Country has never seen a hippie peace art journal quilt…ever lol. Sky and i finally got to walk again…the weather is holding off on the rain. It’s not too bad out there either temperature wise. It’s beautiful and gray and I love it. I didn’t walk this afternoon though. Wayne’s having a terrible headache after a migraine attacked him. I think he needs his chakras balanced. I didn’t want to go walk in case he needed me. I will practice yoga again in a bet though because my neck has stiffened and I want to do some wonderful deep deep deep stretches. As soon as their race is over I’m practicing yoga and then I’ll make art and then who knows? I don’t care one wit about the Oscars. I’m not familiar with most of the movies anyway. But I don’t care either way. So, dear friends, I think it’s yoga time because the race just ended! Yay!! I need it! Did you know there’s yoga for migraines? Yoga is awesome! There’s yoga for everything! I’m off y’all try to meet me back here tomorrow ok? Peace Love Art ~ Yoga ~DSCN1790 DSCN1791


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