Feng Shui and Life Philosophy


My studio feels so energized with inspiration and anticipation and mystery right now and I don’t know why but I like it. I’ve noticed this vibe off and on ever since I rearranged it on Sunday evening and even though I haven’t yet spent a full day enjoying it…making art or taking time to sit in my Nona’ chair by the narrow window or on the window seat in the bay or on the comfy cozy sofa now backed against my drawing table anchoring it all down chi wise that is…doesn’t mean  l don’t dig it. ‘Cause I do, I really really really do. I like, no, I love the way it looks and feels in here. The chi, the feng shui must be just right! I’ve never felt it like this before in here and I’ve always been super happy with my studio but now it’s just like wow, you know? One of the magazines I saw at Lowe’s when I was picking out my three for my Valentine’s gift from Wayne was titled Where Women Create…I think that was it…oh my gosh, it was so beautiful! Had it not been 15.00 I probably would have chose it but come on now…that’s a little pricey don’t cha think? I saw lots of gorgeous and inspirational pictures in it though and someday when I’m good and rich then I’ll buy it. Who knows, maybe one of these days my studio, my little recycled from an out building room, will be featured in it too. You so could not tell this was an out building if you didn’t know and Wayne did it all by himself just for me for my birthday last year and I have loved it every single day since. I have to get going soon. Lots going on today! We need to eat breakfast early so we can lunch earlier so Sky can get to his check up by 1pm. We normally eat breakfast between 9:30 and 10 and lunch between 1:30 and 2:00 and dinner around 7pm. I’m a creature of habit lol. But I love meal times with my family. I love sitting there together talking and laughing and cutting up. It’s a fun time to connect before we all do our own things as seems to be happening more and more since my children are growing up…well, one has grown up and the other, Sky at 14, he’s a work still in progress lol. I had him late in life in some people’s eyes probably but I don’t care. I don’t feel like age is a factor. I don’t even know how old I am off the top of my head half the time. I mean I’d have to do the math and I need paper and pencil for that lol. I think if you eat healthy foods, sleep when your body says sleep, get up when it says get up, laugh, think positive thoughts, meditate, indulge yourself at least once a day…reading, savoring a piece of chocolate, watching a good show, tripping down memory lane…whatever….and spending time with furry friends and family that support and nurture and let you be you then you’ve got the best of the best and the rest will come…oh, and of course, drink coffee!! lol. Ok, so I’m off my soap box lol, my coffee cup is empty and I hear stirring from the back of the house so it’s ready-set-go! Try to stop by tomorrow ok? Peace Love Art ~ Life!DSCN1767


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