Nothing Much….just peace….


I love love love how my studio looks and feels since I rearranged it Sunday evening…very impromptu! Before heading out into the cold cold night to purchase my new Cannon Scanner that was on sale at hh gregg and stopping by the market for just in case of being snowed in way out in the country had to have items…coffee-sweetener-nacho tortilla chips-eggs-whole wheat pita bread-fresh produce for salads…also an impromptu occurrence. I had no idea we were going to go out and do all that but I’m glad we did. Monday was so so so cold and then the ice and snow set in and we had ourselves a little winter wonderland…still do actually and I think we’ll see more of it tonight!! So yay! But first, first I need to get to the post office to mail out art to San Francisco and Australia so hopefully we’ll be able to do that today. I had so planned on making art all day long yesterday while enjoying the beauty just outside my windows but I then I thought it would be more fun to make some memories with my family instead and I’m so glad I did that too!! It was fun but today…I will make art. I really will. Not sure what yet, I’ll let the Muse move me. That’s it for now dear friends, try to stop by again tomorrow…Peace Love Art ~ spontaneous fits of fun!100_1594 100_1595 100_1598 My creative chaos 😀


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