Snow Days and Purple Haze Evenings…life is good


Yesterday’s cold weather brought snow, sleet and a icy night. 100_1584We’re iced in living way out in our rural little neck of the woods and that’s just fine with me. It was also way too cold to walk today so I did the only thing I could…I played a board game with my family and made bread

Today's homemade's soooo good!
Today’s homemade bread…it’s soooo good!

and drank coffee. I also cleaned out my closet not that you can tell lol, but I did…I really really really did.

You should see Molly! She loves the weather as long as Thor (our Mastiff) is out with her in the fenced in part of the back yard. He’s probably less than thrilled but he’ll go out with her anyway…they’re in love…awwww… Rainy and Michael dressed the kittens! They look so CUTE!!! I can’t stand it! Oh my gosh, cuteness overload!

Gizmo sleeping cozy in his sweater on the sofa in my art studio :)
Gizmo sleeping cozy in his sweater on the sofa in my art studio 🙂
Melena napping with her mom in my Nona's chair in my studio...
Melena napping with her mom in my Nona’s chair in my studio…
Piper's watching birds.
Piper’s watching birds.

I haven’t worked on any art yet today but I did move the furniture…just a couple of things anyway and I like it even better and I looked cover to cover through my Mary Jane’s Farm magazine while I ate homemade bread toast that was toasted up in the cast iron skillet saturated in butter spray and so so so delicious!! And of course I drank coffee with it…one cup after another while I savored it all for over an hour. You see,  I made the toast to go with my veggie loaded salad I ate for lunch but as everyone was finishing eating before me I decided to take it as ‘me’ time. So after they partook of the birthday cake I made for Michael (Rainy’s boyfriend) and left the kitchen I had finished my salad but saved my toast…I cleaned up, got my magazine and coffee and toast and sat there enjoying it all. Then I moved the furniture…..And now here I am.

I’ll practice yoga again in another couple of hours and then I’ll make dinner and slip into soft fleece pajamas and chenille socks and watch a scary movie I’ve got stored on Netflix. Hopefully, between now and then I’ll actually make some art or maybe I’ll just go get in my big ol comfy chair and man jones (nap). Either way I’m so gonna enjoy this afternoon and evening and I hope y’all do too…

I’m just waiting for the sun to set and that purple haze that comes with a blanket of snow insulating our little home in silence and peace and love with wonderful scents from lit candles and burning incense and tasty foods stocked in the pantry and on the stove top. You know those lavender shaded evenings that happen only when there’s a blanket of snow…the kind that hint and whisper of magic and subtle beauty and anticipation of more of the same. Yeah, I love evenings like that…don’t you?

I hope y’all come on back over tomorrow….I’ll have coffee! Peace Love Art ~ Snow!


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