40 Cups of Coffee….Winter Storm Warning…Buy More Coffee!


First off I did keep track and my coffee mug equals two cups all totaled I drank 40 cups of coffee yesterday…is that too much?I don’t think so. I don’t think you can ever have too much coffee, too many art supplies, too much Love or too much Peace.

Purple Latte
Purple Latte

Just practiced yoga and it was wonderful. I love how alive my body feels after yoga…all happy and energized and flowey and not at all tired. I think yoga is one of those things that becomes a lifestyle not just a form of exercise. It’s how you live and what you eat and even what you wear. I don’t know, I just really love it. So, yesterday my studio needed a little revamping so I thought, ok, I’ll just switch around a couple of things and not really move the whole thing….who was I trying to fool? The only thing I didn’t move…several times!…was my drawing table. Everything else was arranged and rearranged and rearranged again but I really really really love love love it! I’ll take pictures later on. The dude is coming between 8 and 9 to install our new internet and I need to get breakfast and the dogs out before that, so I’m in kind of a rush this morning and now I can’t see the screen because big ole sweet Piper is in front of it! Gotta love cats! And dogs! And all our furry friends!! It’s calling for us to get a winter storm which would make New Englanders laugh I’m sure but for us its big news lol.  At least our local stations think so anyway. They even took us on tour of a grocery store on last night’s news to show how eggs and milk and bread are flying off the shelf lol. I wonder why? What do people do with that? Eat breakfast every meal? Seems like canned goods would be the way to go right? Not to be hypocritical or anything I have to admit I did go to the market myself last night on the way home from hh gregg (got a Cannon printer scanner copier for 40.00 on sale!) I needed it because my scanner was leaving a line down every single scan and I can’t get art licenses with those kind of images! Anyway…we stopped at the Food Lion where I bought our necessities in case we get snowed in and I hope we do….can you guess what my items were?

Fresh produce for salads

two bags of coffee…Southern Pecan Pie and Buttery Caramel

a box of 250 sweeteners and I think it’ll be enough because I already have one box of 250 ( I use 3 or sometimes 4 at a time but no creamer or anything)

a bag on Nacho Tortilla chips for Sky

Polish sausage for Wayne

a couple diet sodas

18 eggs…yes, I bought eggs but we eat a lot of eggs and the cake I’m making for Michael (Rainy’s boyfriend) calls for three and like I said we eat a LOT of eggs!


whole wheat pita bread.

I forgot the Bugles. I used to like to have Bugles and doughnuts around and raw cookie dough when it called for snow. My then boyfriend, Jeff and I would drive into town and buy those items and rent movies and go home where we played Backgammon and played like kids when the snow got deep enough. Our dog, Cinnamon, was a white Shiz Tzu and you could loose her on the snow if you weren’t careful! That’s a nice memory. I hope Jeff is happy I know I sure am. And today as we wait for the snow I’ll make soup and perhaps get someone to play Backgammon with me. Try to stop by again tomorrow ok? Peace Love Art ~ Snow!


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  1. Barb says:

    I have only recently found you and your wonderful space here but I love coming to “visit” you. I feel like an old friend and we’re just catching up. I need to start a yoga practice…or, at least, get back to the gym…but I procrastinate. 40 cups of coffee? I love my java but you put me to shame. LOL
    Peace & Love,

    1. dawn says:

      Hey Barb, We are indeed old friends already! I’m so glad you dig my words and thanks for commenting that’s so cool! Talk back as much you like my friend! And yes, yes, yes! Practice Yoga!!! It’s a lifestyle not just exercise and you’ll love love love it!! I love it almost as much coffee and art lol.
      Much Peace Love Art,

  2. Simply Wanda says:

    Goodness, 40 cups of coffee!! I do hope it’s decaf… otherwise that would be approximately 3800 mg. of caffeine per day, plus or minus depending on the strength and size of cup! No wonder you get soooo much done in one day! 😉

  3. dawn says:

    Decaf? No way! I can drink coffee all the way till bedtime and still sleep just fine and wake up at the same time every morning 😀 I love my coffee!

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