Hippie Valentine’s Day Y’all..Magazines…the gift that keeps on giving!


HIppie Valentine’s Day Y’all! Oh my gosh for Valentine’s  Day Wayne bought me three magazines!! So doing the happy dance! I got Mary Jane’s Farm, Flea Market Style The Art Issue, and Cappers Farmer…I get to pick one for a subscription!! I love love love this gift!!! I’m so excited! Y’all know I love my magazines! especially with coffee and home made bread in the afternoon. I’ve just finished with my evening practice of yoga and soon I’ll make dinner…hopefully I won’t set the microwave on fire…again..don’t ask lol. Tomorrow I’m going to count just  how many cups of coffee I drink but like Wayne pointed out my cup is much larger than the normal coffee cup so I’ll have to measure it out. But I’m not leaving home tomorrow so it’ll be a good day to count it up…I’m working on art …

Sweet Summer Night
Sweet Summer Night

all….day…long. I finished up the Art Therapy Coloring Book last night but I haven’t had a chance to scan it yet since I worked on freebies for the Peace Flag and printed and bound a coloring book going to Greece! How cool is that?! Ok, I hate to cut this short dear Valentines but my family needs nourishment and so do I and it’s almost time for Adam West…Batman! I love love love retro tv shows! After that it’ll be scary movie time!! Yay!! So, y’all have a wonderful evening…it’s super cold here! So bundle up and stay comfy cozy and try to meet me back here tomorrow…Peace Love Art ~ Valentines!


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