Furry Friends, Peace Love Art and Brownies! You know…Friday the 13th!


Oh my gosh y’all. It’s not even Spring but already I’ve begun! Yesterday I moved furniture…TWICE!! Wayne didn’t really care for the foot I moved his chair…lol…literally! But he’s a pretty good dude and doesn’t ask for much so I put his chair back in his spot and rearranged around it. And I liked it…I really did but the chi was just slightly off somehow. This morning after practicing for an hour my yoga I had to take a minute and tweak it. I thought I was done and picked back up on my yoga when inspiration hit again and I stopped mid asana and moved just a few more things and now…now…well, for now, it’s done. After I finished yoga which was glorious…wonderful deep stretches and flowing asanas, I worked on the kitchen. I moved some counter stuff around and cleaned it and now I think I love love love it. So far my little family sleeps on except for my furry friends…Piper has been with me the whole time. She loves when I rearrange the furniture! She likes riding on the backs of the chairs and stuff and then she likes to explore all the new vignettes and nooks. I love her, I bet she was an interior designer, a reclusive, perhaps snobbish designer in a past life because she loves packaging materials, boxes, furniture rearrangement, and every stitch of anything new from a throw pillow to a work of art she has to quite thoroughly examine. Bijou, on the other hand, could not care any less. The kittens were confused and Zoey jumped on a chair that she didn’t usually have any use for to find it was a rocker and she went surfing! She did surprisingly well too! You’ve gotta love furry friends! I don’t like to call them animals because, in my opinion they are more compassionate and forgiving and loving than a lot of people and maybe I’ve been watching too much Justice TV…but that’s my opinion anyway. Ok, so today I need to go to the market..need more fruits and veggies and dairy and grains and I have to clean the bathroom and do laundry and practice yoga again this evening…my reward for all the chores! I want to work on the freebies for the commissioned piece if she’ll let me have till Monday…I was totally inspired for two companion pieces to go with it but it’ll take a little time. I can’t wait to get back to quilting too!! I miss my brother…sewing machine 🙂 Okay, so much to do and have fun doing so I’m off! Y’all have a wonderful, perhaps spooky…Friday the 13th!! I think I’ll make bloody brownies in honor of the occasion! I wonder what would happen if I mixed pudding into brownie batter and topped it with red velvet frosting? I may just have to find out! Meet me back here tomorrow ok? Peace Love Art ~ Brownies!


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