Yoga, Peace Flags, Essence and Life…is good…


I don’t think a self portrait has to be a picture of your face. I think your self portrait should capture instead your essence. We can hide behind faces and stuff you know…making faces, wearing make up, editing…but your essence can’t be altered really. And I think your essence can and does change not only daily but throughout the day as well. Yesterday my essence was rubber stamping the Imagine song lyrics from the late great John Lennon who I love love love. DSCN1767I’m working on a commissioned peace flag and it has the lyrics on it. I wanted to do a trial run on the peace flag since I using a bunch of different techniques so I wanted to see how it would come together and I’m glad I did.

trial run for a commissioned Peace Flag
trial run for a commissioned Peace Flag

Now I have a good idea of what I like and what I don’t want to repeat. I’m almost done with the lyrics which takes a lot longer than you would think actually. I did the first layer of color

first layer of color :D I'm so loving it!
first layer of color 😀 I’m so loving it!

before breakfast on the commissioned flag so by the time I was done with dishes and walking it was dry and I was able to move on. I first did the lyrics and transfers on my flag, the one I will keep or probably sell in my etsy shop and I loved a lot of it so I proceeded to do the stamping of the lyrics DSCN1766on the commissioned flag and I would have finished but I stopped at 5 to practice yoga again and then I had to prepare dinner and do dishes and then it was after 8pm so I snuggled down in my chair to finish up the art therapy coloring book but I dozed off before I finished! Lol! When I woke up it was after 9 so I popped some corn, poured another cup of java and watched a real life crime show on Justice tv. After I drank the pot I went to bed and dreamed about yoga! I couldn’t wait to get up and practice! I did Astanga and Hatha this morning and I feel so great. I’m already running behind though. I did laundry…it’s washed, dried and put away and I made Wayne’s breakfast since he’s working this morning, I showered before almost two hours of yoga and now here I am. About to work on the commissioned peace flag unless the kids get up for breakfast and then I’ll cook, do dishes again, and walk and then work on the art. But I will at some point in the near future buckle down and make art baby!! Until I break for lunch and dishes and break again this evening when I go help Wayne put shingles on someone’s home and go buy a mailing tube and come back home for evening yoga practice and then I’ll make dinner and do the dishes…again…after which, I’ll drink coffee and watch tv and try not to doze off again but since I got up at 4:30am that may be a sleepy struggle lol. So, there’s a day in my bohemian life…which I love love love. I hope y’all have a great day! Try to stop on back by tomorrow ok? Peace Love Art ~


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