Art Quilts, Aceos, and Random Life Stuff….


I wish my name was Juliette or Sophie or Moon…I’ve been Dawn for a long time it might be a nice change of pace to be Moon. But I’m a morning  person so Moon probably would not work so well for me. Unless being named Moon would make me more inclined to be a night person. I am a Middle Of The Night person.  I usually wake up around 3 am having gone to bed between 11 and 11:30pm these past few months, completely and quite totally wide awake! Brimming with inspiration and inclination to make art but it’s cold outside of those covers my friends and I’m cold when it’s 70 degrees out! Except when I’m hot flashing which has started to happen a little more than not lately. So, under the covers I stay until Spring thaw then I’ll get up and go to my studio and work till sleepy and go back to bed or perhaps finish slumbering on the sofa in my studio so I don’t disturb Wayne and the dogs that sleep by our bed…Thor and Molly… Thor is the Mastiff and Molly a Chocolate Lab…they love each other so much!! For now I grab my iPad from my bedside table and make notes and notes and notes and sometimes I forget about the notes and find them at some later point in time and BAM! the inspiration is there all over again! I’m thankful for those notes. I had to make a bunch of them right after I stepped from the shower this morning! Even before lotioning up! I couldn’t risk losing a single thought! And again from my yoga mat another idea…my Muse was very talkative this morning!! I had a tough time with my lotion today though. I could not  find a scent I wanted to wear all day long…one that would enhance my life, that would make me smile when catching a wift of it, one that suited my mood and projects for the day…yes, that much thought really does go into picking out a lotion for the day…I don’t wear perfume it gives me headaches but lotions not only sooth the skin they smell so so so good! And I have a bunch to choose from. Anyway, like I said I couldn’t find a single scent that suited me. So, I did the only thing I could…I layered! I first tried Peppermint Swirl on top of that Lovely which did nothing for me so I added Cotton Candy glittery lotion, of course the glitter is hidden by winter clothes but I still smell so good! And I am so moisturized lol! I almost finished the tea time art quilt yesterday…almost…I needed another hour or so to be done but the day slipped away and I wanted to practice yoga again before dinner so I stopped but I’ll finish it this morning hopefully and then start on a commission and a new aceo project which is going to entail me starting this month’s aceos over. I’m going to do something really unique and different with them and I am so so so excited about it! Tomorrow I get to see Tami and Alex at the flea market!!! I have missed them so much!!! But Wayne is feeling a lot better so we’ll be going there besides he needs Vitamin D and Prilosec and  believe it or not a vendor there sells it…health food store grade for a much much much cheaper price! The Eyes Ears and Nose doctor couldn’t do anything about his ringing ears. He has more than 75% hearing loss on certain decibels one of which is the female voice!! How convenient is that I ask you? Lol! So yesterday morning at breakfast I talked the whole time in a much deep register and had my kids laughing so hard they cried! We’re going holistic now! Finally he is on board with me with holistic healing!! So, I’m going to find something to help with his ringing ears and migraines too! Cause his migraine pills make him feel awful and life’s too good to feel yucky! Today we may go junkin’. I love to go junkin’ don’t you? You just never know what you may find and we really don’t need anything else but a good piece of junk is hard to resist! So, my friends time is tick tick ticking away and my quilt and coffee refill are calling my name which ever one it chooses this morning be it Juliette or Sophie or Moon or Dawn cause anything works when the Muse calls I answer! See you tomorrow…right here…Batman from back in the day comes on this evening!! Yay!! It’s going to be a great art quilty day isn’t it?! Yes, yes it is! Enjoy yours too!! Wishing you much

almost done....wait till you see it embellished!
almost done….wait till you see it embellished!

Peace Love Art ~


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