Food Theory and Southern Pecan Pie Coffee…My New Favorite!


So, the grocery store was out of my favorite coffee…AGAIN!! That’s what I get for talking it up lol. But it’s soooo good I had to share!! Buttery Caramel Food Lion brand! Way better than Starbucks! And way cheaper too! Okay, so they were out of Buttery Caramel therefore I had to pick something else…Vanilla Bean, already have and it is really good too. Cafe au Chocolat from Barnies CoffeeKitchen also delicious but already have. Food Lion, sadly, no longer carries the Mocha Swirl from Folger’s Gourmet and I don’t know why!! ‘Cause it was really tasty! I did what I had to… I bought the limited edition Southern Pecan Pie also Food Lion brand and now I’m worried ’cause it’s limited edition..this means limited time only…right? NOOOOO!!!! Because I’ve got to tell you it is AWESOME!!! It’s nutty and just the right blend of smooth and strong and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! I think it’s my new favorite!!! I’m going to go back and buy it all! I’m looking for a Toffee Coffee too. Haven’t really looked anywhere but Food Lion but I may try Publix and Harris Teeter in the very near future perhaps today since Wayne has an appointment with the ear doctor about his ringing ears and there’s a Publix right there… I have a theory… that tasty treats eaten in the dim light of the refrigerator don’t count as calories against you. I mean after practicing yoga for an hour and then tai chi for ten minutes I think I deserve some nice creamy fat free vanilla ice cream eaten right from the container DSCN1743in the dim light, don’t you? And since it’s dark and no one is up and I just practiced yoga…the calories don’t count! Hey, it’s dairy and I don’t drink milk and now I’ve read milk isn’t all that good for you! Seriously? I just don’t eat anything that requires milk. I make my oatmeal with water and thin it with coffee as needed and I don’t usually eat cereal ’cause I prefer oatmeal and I like my coffee with only sweetener so I don’t have a need for milk. I get my dairy from ice cream…I’m justified! Lol. So, that’s my theory…tasty treats eaten in the dim light of the fridge don’t count! Lol 🙂 I also think when you eat something you are really craving then your body needs it and will use it. I don’t eat a lot of cakes and cookies really but I am a sucker for bread and ice cream but popcorn…loose kernels I pop in a brown paper lunch bag in the microwave for 3 minutes and then spray the big fluffy white puffs of tasty goodness with butter spray and salt and pepper is my snack of choice. I eat it every night with the last cup of coffee and then I go to bed full and happy 😀 Sometimes if I’m really hungry and craving it I eat a banana with my popcorn…they go together really well believe it or not. Okay, y’all my coffee cup is empty for the fourth time since I sat down to write this so I’m going to the kitchen for more and then I guess I should check my email but what I really want to do is make some art! I was moving fabrics off my scanner s minute ago to scan my chicken art and found another panel for my big big big quilt that’s a work in progress that I forgot I had but had a feeling there was another one and I saw the hippie beach house peace flags I wanted to send to an art gallery in the Keys but didn’t and still should so maybe….Y’all have a great day! Stop by tomorrow…I’ll have ice cream and coffee and popcorn!! Peace Love Art ~


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