Grocery List, Menus for Ten Days, and I Love Love Love Bread!


On the way home yesterday from paying the electric bill, shopping for fabric at the Restore, picking up dog and cat food from the cleanest, nicest Walmart I’ve ever seen, I told Wayne I was only going to pick up groceries to make meatball subs meal #1, left over meat balls with spaghetti and salad and garlic bread meal #2, left over spaghetti and meatballs with chicken parmesan meal #3, and also some bbq for bbq salads plus fruits and veggies and that was gonna be it. Today is grocery shopping day. The list has consistently been growing though! This may be boring so feel free to skip ahead if you want to but here is my grocery list….

Eggs, Parmesan Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese, Pepper Jack Cheese, Low Fat Cottage Cheese, Cheese Slices, Extra Sharp Cheddar Block, butter sticks, tub butter, half and half, whip cream, sugar free jello cups, Milk?, Ice cream?, bacon, livermush, Canadian bacon, cheap bologna for the dog’s treat, bbq, bagels, english muffins, whole wheat pita bread, honey wheat sandwich bread, wheat sub rolls, hamburger buns for Chicken sandwiches, stuff to make meatball subs, parmesan chicken, spaghetti, marinara, ketchup, Duke’s lt. mayo, mustard, french dressing, pickles, hot peppers, cabbage, collards, peaches, tangelos, strawberries, yogurt pomegranate seeds, eggplant, tomatoes, mushrooms, celery, lettuce, potatoes, pomegranates if they still have them, grapefruits, light syrup fruit cocktail, oatmeal, cookies, fruit by the foot, canned tomatoes for soup, oysters, tomato soup, ramen noodles, baby sugar snap peas, peppers and onions, garlic bread, fries, chicken tenders, juice, diet soda, poweraide, green tea, beef jerky, popcorn, corn chips, flour, sweeteners, Italian seasoning, non stick sprays, coffee, creamer, filters, dish detergent and that should just about have it…

That should give us (them)…

oyster stew


meatball subs and fries

spaghetti and meatballs with salads and garlic bread

chicken parmesan and spaghetti and garlic bread and salads

chicken sandwiches and potato salad

BBQ salads (have onion rings and hushpuppies)

cheese sandwiches and tomato soup

meatloaf, creamed potatoes, steamed veggies, and homemade bread and a cobbler

ramen noodles and chicken tenders and veggies with home made bread

That’s already ten meals!!

Healthy snacks too! Fruits, some cookies are okay, jello cups! popcorn, even beef jerky..hey it’s protein! and Sky and Wayne love it.

Pasta Bake with Pepperoni and without since Wayne and Michael wanted the pepperoni and Rainy and Sky didn't
Pasta Bake with Pepperoni and without since Wayne and Michael wanted the pepperoni and Rainy and Sky didn’t

I think you can tell a lot from someone’s grocery cart. I love seeing what other people are buying! I like to make up stories about what their lives are like based off their choices. There’s the guys who buy beer and some meat and bread, there’s the little old ladies who have ice cream and bananas (I already have a bunch so I don’t need them this time or they would be listed!) Some folks stick to frozen micro meals. It’s easy to get going on their personalities you know and fun too. Food is personal you know like shoes and how we dress and wear our hair. I bet you can guess how I dress…comfy cozy flowy easy living clothes, hair long and loose or braided, warm boots with a flat heel, and lots of hand made scarves because I love love love to knit and crochet all summer long! I love my fruits and veggies and I’m defenseless when it comes to bread! I love love love bread! Big fat rolls, Kings Hawaiian bread, bread sticks, flat bread, deep dish pizza crust, pita…but my most most most favorite bread is my very own homemade bread! Okay, so now I’m good and hungry! I’m going to the kitchen for more coffee and some peach slices! So, y’all have a great day! Try to stop back by tomorrow…I’ll have food! Lol! Peace Love Art


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