Daydream Prompt…Go Ahead…It’s Okay…Dream While Wide Awake…


Instead of spending the minutes it takes reading my random ramblings this morning I want you to please please please do the following….

Imagine, daydream, visualize your most perfect day from start to finish. Often I try to do this in bed and fall asleep before I really get going with it so this morning I’m going to do it while wide awake having just showered and practiced yoga and tai chi. So, please do it now and feel free to share your experience. I would really love to know what y’all’s most perfect of perfect days would be like.

I’ll meet you back here tomorrow ok? Peace Love Art ~DSCN1719


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kelly says:

    I evoked the spirit of Dawn Collins at the weekend when I was getting mad and stressed out over a situation that I can’t change.
    Finally, I said to myself, “you cannot let this steal your peace”.
    Hear that before?
    Even if people don’t comment, your words do sink in.
    You are the most positive person I know, a rare thing in today’s world.
    I think if I read your blog and there was negativity I would have a stroke (j/k).

    1. dawn says:

      That’s too cool!! Thanks so much!!!!! I’m smiling from ear to ear!!! I’m so glad you didn’t let your Peace be stolen!! You kept your Muchness 😀

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