Listening To The Muse, Reading The Cards, and Loving Life!!


It’s funny, I wrote a blog yesterday that I loved loved loved but I guess it didn’t resonate with other folks but that’s cool ’cause I really really really dig it. It’s one of those I’ll read again and again just to remind myself of just how magical and wonderful life is! I love love love life! I really do! Even on those not so good days I still love it. I have this gift or obsession or something that won’t let me give up…throw in the towel…Call it will power, call it stubbornness, call it stupidity if you want to! 😀 I don’t care. I just can’t give up. I CAN’T. I would always wonder if I had tried once more would it have worked? Would I have found it? Would it have been great? ‘What if’ is something I can do without. I’d rather try and not hit the mark rather than not try at all. I’ll spend hours and hours looking for a lost object just because it’s on my mind! I’ll keep sending out artwork even when it’s rejected time and again. I keep on baking even when my bread is a little sad or my cake falls…it is still tasty! My art is still cool! My lost thing is still around somewhere! So, it’s all good. And everything works out in the end anyway and there’s no use skipping to the end ’cause you’ll miss all the random life stuff can and will happen in the middle. I don’t think this blog post is really making that much sense and it’s not what I set out to write anyway but it’s what came pouring out so there you have it lol. Don’t know why…perhaps someone needed to hear it or maybe my subconscious just needed to let it out either way, it’s today’s blog post lol. DSCN1718

It’s pouring rain here right now! I love love love rainy days! Great days for art and coffee but aren’t they all? While practicing yoga and tai chi this morning I received some powerful inspirations for art and ideas from my Muse and I cannot wait to get going on them. I drew the Eight of Pentacles and Queen of Wands this morning. Bijou is with me right now and showering me with kitty kisses lol. She’s a sweetie! Oh my gosh! A huge gust of wind just whipped around my studio startling her into a series of meows! I wonder where Piper is? Oh, she’s sleeping in my Nona’s chair just behind me. Let’s see what the cards mean today….I’m being called by my inner voice (just like while practicing yoga this morning!) to apply my skill and talent to a soulful vocation!!! This is in total harmony with what I got while practicing yoga and tai chil!! I’m so glad I made notes right after my practice this morning and didn’t just ignore the inclinations!! I’m learning to listen to my instincts all the time now! Sometimes it takes a little effort you have to stop what you’re doing to listen and make notes and take it seriously and stuff but it’s so worth it I think, ’cause you just never ever know which inspiration is THE INSPIRATION!  Oh my gosh! Queen of Wands!! She’s creative, warm, passonate and intuitive!!! There’s that word again!! This is awesome!!! I’ve got to follow my Heart’s desires!!! I’m so happy happy happy! And I was already happy happy happy!! So this is the whip cream on the cappucinno, the salted caramel on the ice cream, the Srirarcha on the popcorn! In other words this is WONDERFUL!

I hope y’all’s day is just as wonderful! And I hope hope hope you’ll drop by my barefoot home again tomorrow…I’ll have coffee! Much peace Love art ~


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