Tattered and Torn a Well Lived Life…

peace love tea time
work in progress…Peace Love Tea Time

Well, hello there February! I kept up with my aceo challenge all month but not the magazine submission. This month I will do both! And maybe I’ll start contacting textile markets as well. Because as y’all know I really really really want to design fabric prints and pretty papers too. So those are two of the markets I’m going to be focusing in on in the upcoming weeks while I keep on making my art journal quilts. DSCN1665I like how some of the writing is hidden when colored over and some still peeks through. I want to keep making peace/prayer flags too. Biodegradable art that carries wishes and dreams and hopes to the heavens on winds of change and purpose and intention. I love the tattered, the torn, the worn. It shows an item has been much loved and much used and therefore much appreciated through time and places traveling with it’s companion throughout their life…old jeans fraying at the ends and knees perhaps from kneeling to pray or picnic or treasure hunt. Maybe they were torn during a pop up game of football or frisbee or maybe even a fight over who remembers what at some bar some night after too many drinks. I love dog earred pages in books and notes made in the margins and highlighted passages that meant something to someone at some point…something they wanted to come back to, something to be re-read and remembered. I take time to read those highlighted fragments when lucky enough to run across them. New books are great but I love old used book stores with dusty shelves and cats roaming about. The kind of place where magic and fairies must reside in the rafters because the atmosphere is just perfect for them…the creaky plank board floors and fading wall paper peeling from the walls here and there…the ladder that swings around so books up high can be retrieved…the aroma of strong coffee and fresh pastries the owner’s wife brings in for loyal readers to munch on while browsing the stacks. The little hidden nooks where you are tempted to hang out all day long tucked away from time and space and reality while you get lost in words and worlds while sipping the strong coffee and eating the tasty treats and nodding to one of the cats as they gracefully jump from one pile of books to another on their way to a new napping spot. I love vintage kitchen gadgets. Dings and dents and all. I love the passed down cast iron skillets that fried chicken for Sunday family lunches after church. I love the old fashion creamed potato masher and the wooden spoons and the whisk…who needs a blender?! I love the percolator and the compost jar to nourish the garden when filled. I love patchwork quilts made by women from clothes and sheets and stuff that were no longer patchable or darnable or fixable so they are revived yet again as a wonderful memory filled quilt of this time and that and will warm our families on chilly snowy evenings as temperatures drop and hot chocolate is served with tiny marshmallows floating on top of a lava of whip cream and drizzled in chocolate sauce or salted caramel images. I love flannel and fleece and soft soft soft wool. I love spinning wheels and yarns and textures. I love when people feel comfy cozy and safe and warm and without even knowing it come away from the day with a memory they’ll look back on…someday….when they read a book with a note in the margin…while it snows and they sip hot chocolate with marshmallows and whip cream…

Y’ll have a great great great day! Super Bowl Sunday if you participate in that…a good excuse to fill the kitchen with tasty treats…dips and chips and veggies and sandwiches or wings or chilly beans! However you spend the day…do something at some point you love…LOVE… ok? Make a good memory and share it with me if you want to 😀 Try to stop by again tomorrow! Peace Love Art ~


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  1. Simply Wanda says:

    I love the smell of ‘old’ schools! When you walk down the halls you can smell the crayons, books, kids… generations of learning! We have an antique/junk store in Winchester that you would love, love, love! 😉 The store is packed so tight you have to walk sideways down some of the aisles. You could spend an entire day in there and still not see everything!! I know!

  2. dawn says:

    I’m so there!!! For my birthday Wayne’s taking me on a day trip to our mountains!! Maybe I could get him to go a further! lol…address of this place….please 😀

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