Blustery Day, Comfort Food, Coffee and Art!!!


So, Just back from walking with Sky and oh my gosh…it’s a very very very blustery day in the Hundred Acre Wood Pooh Bears!! I think I saw Dorothy fly by and her little dog too!! The sun is so bright and the sky so blue and the wind so windy!! It’s like Life is amplified by like a bazillion today!! I can only believe that today is filled with Magic and Changes and Opportunities…that the winds are blowing in after blowing all the negative stuff away. Fresh starts, big things…wonderful things…life is so good…do you see the signs too? Wow!! This is truly an awesomely awesome day!! I can’t stand to sit here another minute I have to get up and create and drink coffee which will be on constant vigil  on such a blustery day! Comfort food! Comfort food is called for today too!! Grilled pimento cheese sandwiches and spicy bbq chips or clam chowder or stewed potatoes and slaw and biscuits…and left over pumpkin pie! Who knows at this point and who cares as long as it’s hot and tasty! Which it will be! So, I’m off to work on some art!! And drink more coffee and later we’ll do yoga as a family and Sky and I will walk again and day will slip silently into evening seamlessly and easily as candles flicker and incense burns and the delicious aroma of coffee fill the air and perhaps a jigsaw puzzle is worked or a board game played too! Life is good man! Enjoy it! Stop by tomorrow ok? Oh!! I did it!! I organized yesterday!! I set out what I INTENDED to do!! I’ve got all my art in one spot…basically all of it…as I come across the other pieces I can put them in the drawer too!! So that’s one big ole YAY!!!  for me!! Today my intention is set on sandpaper art and quilting a panel 😀 Much Peace Love Art ~DSCN1719


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