Art, Coffee and Life is Good

9,454 blog hits. Inching ever so closer to my reward. When I get 10,000 blog hits I’m celebrating by buying for myself a case of my favorite flavor water from Target. I used to drink it after I taught my yoga classes riding home in my Tracker with the top off (the Tracker, not me lol) music blasting, singing out loud even at stop lights because…why not? and who cares?! So, yeah, that’s going to be my reward. I hope they still carry it. I haven’t been to Target in long time but if they don’t then I’ll pick a new flavor…I love green tea and black tea too. Ooh, I used to also buy these really super spicy pita chips from there too. I wonder if they still carry them? Although, now I make really good spicy pita chips right here in my little tiny kitchen. I love love love my tiny kitchen. I don’t think, even in our dream home, that I will want a huge kitchen. I like things being within reach. Although, I do want a really nice square island with drawers that pull down for herbs and deep drawers for pots and pans and a coffee station all it’s own!! Imagine that! A coffee station!! Where the coffee pots, yes, that’s suppose to be plural lol, could be set up with the variety of coffees and creamers and syrups and white chocolate chips could sit. I have a smaller version of a coffee station set up right now but there’s not enough room for all the goodies too unless I get rid of my dish drainer which I cannot do since I wash dishes at least three times a day. So….I wish I knew someone who organize all my art for me. Catalogue it and group it so I could find a piece when I needed it. I usually spend two days looking for the piece that sells. I have art in a suitcase, in portfolios and in the drawer of my paper cutting table and in books here there and everywhere!! We have a yard full of birds of all breeds sharing breakfast this morning. I put out a bunch of bread crumbs for them yesterday, today they will get a box of cheez-its that didn’t get ate. I think I see little snow birds too! I hope so! I want to watch it snow while making art and drinking coffee and listening to music!! I’m sending out a very special offer by invitation only via good ole snail mail on Monday (hopefully) for special clients of my etsy shop. I’m super excited about it!! I’m going to let them have a section of the shop to browse around in where they’ll find goodies like zines, coloring books, postcards, aceos and whatever else I think of and here’s the fun thing…they get to pay what they want for it plus shipping of course, but I don’t gouge on shipping!! I hope they’ll like it. I’ve got to get this idea into reality in the next couple of days plus my art agents want a piece of art that I of course cannot find so I may have to duplicate it and I probably would’ve had to anyway since it was a postcard size and would have probably been too small to make a good Tiff file anyway. My Mandala I thought I could have possibly ruined is turning out really awesome!! I’m loving it! You don’t see the journaling I did on it any more but that’s ok, I know it’s there. I think it’s actually going to be one of my best. I need to go ahead and start quilting these panels as I go I think. It’s really growing into something big and beautiful and I think they’ll make really awesome prints too!! I’m so so so happy with them. Ok, so that’s the promo material, the art for Porterfield’s Fine Art and I want to send a coloring book to my friend Shaunda who’s laid up right now and coloring would be very meditative I think and I love her and want to make her smile! And finishing the Mandala panel I’m working on and the Art Therapy Coloring Book for Rainy and my niece who asked me to draw it in the first place and I have like five pages so far and I love love love them!!!! I’m leaving space for the colorer to doodle or journal on the page too!! I’m so loving this coloring book!! I hear my kid so I’m going to go now and begin the rest of this day that began with yoga and tai chi and will end with Peace Love Art…I hope y’all will stop by tomorrow ok?DSCN1666


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