Balancing the Third Eye Chakra, Making Soup and Living Life…


I’m currently working to heal my third eye chakra. I’ve had sinuses like crazy lately so I know it must be off. Right now I’m listening to the healing sounds for it. Yoga was awesome and I’m looking forward to walking later too. Today I’m making another big pot of soup and home made bread. Did you know you should be able to take 21 steps in one long exhale and exhale while out walking. I learned that this morning from a website that I forget now…another sign my 3rd eye chakra is closed. I thought my third eye was open but I guess it’s not! That’s good to know though so now I can fix it! I think I may do a third eye opening mandala today perhaps that will help too. Today’s cards are The Lovers and The Queen of Swords….I think this means as we grow this business of my art together we’ll be even more connected and manifest even faster but still maintain individuality and I personally must take more time to just be…still…quiet…meditate…connect with the higher power…visualize…ground and center and still dream and believe. So, I’m going to go do that right now. Y’all have a great peaceful day…and take care of your chakras…they are so important! Try to stop by again tomorrow ok? I’ll have left over bread and coffee and ginger snap cookies!! Peace Love Art !

A tie dye kind of life
A tie dye kind of life

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  1. Sending you positive intentions for your art business!!

    *.* Love&Light *.*

    1. dawn says:

      Oh my gosh!! Thank you so much for taking time to send me that message!! I appreciate it so much!! Love and Light right back to you too and Peace Love and Happiness as well!! Big hugs 🙂

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