Do you remember our first snow day?


imageDo you remember the first time it snowed after we got together? The skies had warmed of the impeding weather and squirrels too and we crossed fingers and toes that it would indeed come. We went out for supplies, remember? Not the usual bread milk and eggs that people often run out for when it is calling for snow for some reason….deviled egg sandwiches and snow cream maybe? I don’t know…but our supplies were different anyway…remember what they were? Cookie dough to be eaten raw against the advice on packaging warning label, popcorn, Bugles, wine….lots and lots of cheap tasty wine…cheap wine is always tastier anyway and of course….even more coffee! Candles, incense and matches in little boxes that you hid notes to me in. I still have those. We loaded our groceries into the Van and went home to wait. We kept a constant watch for the magic mandalas to begin to pour from the sky. We sat on the window seat my sock feet in your lap while we talked about our dreams….mine to make art and yours to make music as America spun on vinyl on the trusty turntable. As the day slipped into evening and the lamps glowed softly, dimly in our little home we lit candles and drank wine and toasted the first wispy flakes as they began to drift to our little spot of heaven. We stayed up late into the night watching the earth be blanketed in silence and indigo beauty. You gently strummed your guitar and I drew mandalas and the kitties napped on fleece blankets on the window seat. When we finally went to bed the world was hushed and cocooned to be metamorphosed into a Narnia or Wonderland or snow globe  we woke up to later that morning as a brilliant white light poured through the open curtains making our rural country home even more secluded and magical and peaceful. As the coffee perked we walked outside in it knowing today we would light candles and burn incense and eat raw cookie dough with bugles and popcorn while listening to music and making art and love and memories we would think back to on days just like this. Do you remember?

i hope y’all trip down memory lane with me again tomorrow…peace love art….


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