Kitty Colds, Art Quilts and Life…


Almost done with another mini art quilt!! Yay!! I’m loving it. Wayne went off with some old friends yesterday evening and I’m so glad! He had a good time. I got to quilt and watch You Tube videos of artist’s studio tours. I should make one…a video of my studio. I take pictures of it but a video could be fun too! It’s frosty outside and I love love love it! I think Bijou has a little cold. She slept on my pillow last night until sometime around 3:30 going on 4 so I was able to notice she sounded nasaley and then she left the room for parts unknown but probably my studio since I found two puddles mucus there this morning poor kitty. She’s napping now so send her healing vibes okay? She’s a sweetie. Piper is a sweetie too. She’s such an unusual cat. She has always enjoyed showers and she feels the need to always move her food bowl around. She can’t leave it in one place. She likes to take a piece of food and dip it in water too. And sometimes she dips a furry paw into the water and washes her face with it! She loves loves loves when  rearrange the furniture!! She likes to ride on the pieces I am shoving across the room! lol And!!! She’s a coffee thief!!! Big time! You cannot turn your back on the cat and your coffee!! Gizmo likes to watch Mr. Coffee make the coffee lol. Gizmo isn’t mine…he belongs to Rainy, Melena also is Rainy’s and the only reason she got to keep two of the four was because she’s moving in with Michael and the kittens will go with her along with her doggie daughter, Zoey, who I believe to be a spoiled princess reincarnated as a Chihuahua lol. Do any of y’all read tarot cards? I do. I don’t think they are bad at all. I’m not bad, I’m a bohemian hippie…believer in peace love and happiness!! Today I drew by instinct three cards…I got the Two of Wands, The World and the Queen of Pentacles!! I’ve never drawn the World for myself before in all my years of reading the cards! Here’s the meanings….Two of Wands the horizon has many possibilities when some obstacle is met wealth can be claimed!! Yay! Gotta make and maintain a new routine for success. It’s a call to ACTION! Must have courage and move forward!! The World…fulfillment! contentment after hard work…coming full circle!! Accomplishing what we have set out to do! I’m so excited! Last card…Queen of Pentacles now I know pentacles means money so today’s reading drawn by instinct has been all about business and money…my art! It’s going to soon be a time of deserving life’s rewards and riches!! I think we’re so on the right track…now to move forward!! Put plans into action!! Get this hippie party started man!! Put on the music and let’s dance! I’m so happy happy happy but I was anyway lol 😀 This is completely off topic but yesterday to go with breakfast I opened a can of Pillsbury cinnamon buns and instead of putting them on a baking sheet or in a cake pan I put them in a muffin tin I sprayed with butter spray and they baked up so much higher!!! You wouldn’t have believed it!! They popped right out of the pan and I added the icing and it melted down the sides so pretty!!! I should’ve taken a picture!! I highly recommendDSCN1704 muffin tins to make cinnamon buns! I may try it with biscuits too! I wish I had soaked beans last night. I’m craving beans today and collards and slaw…guess I know what I’m making tomorrow. I hear activity from the back of our little home so I’m going to go now but I hope y’all have a great memory filled day and I hope hope hope y’all stop by again tomorrow!! Peace Love Art ~


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